Monday, 31 January 2011

Where do broken hearts go??

The answer is THRIFTING!!

There is NOTHING like cost effective wardrobe additions to brighten my mood.

So yeah - check out my new blouses...

[outfits coming soon]


 pretty patterns, colours and textures

 I am a sucker for button detail
 this blouse will at some point be paired with my new red belt [also thrifted today :)]

 Alas, the green one came without the buttons...
 BUT luckily, I have erm...a teeny collection shall we say...
 Only prob is I can't decide which it is going to be...WHICH is where you guys come in!!!

Is it 1) A nautical affair..
 2) The jack of all spades
 3) rainbow
 4) Alien looking pearls

 5) Plain gold

The decision is YOURS....

Ok well really it's mine...but you felt like you had some power there for a sec didn't ya?

Seriously, opinions will be welcome and genuinely considered.

Love, peace & thrifting glee!!


Jeni :o] said...

I vote for plain gold!

Anonymous said...

Nautical Affair or Plain gold - the detail on nautical affair in particular is awesome without comprimising the integrity of the shirt - by that i mean its antique glamour look. Rather, the buttons supplement it.

and yes, i am coining the phrase 'antique glamour'...

Ag said...

I am just like you I have loads of vintage buttons laying around, just in case I need to do some DIY to a dress, blouse or blazer....

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