Friday, 18 February 2011

My hiatus letter..

Dear followers,

For the next week I have to...
on the blogging so I can be a...

and finish my exams.

I will very much..
but I will be back quicker than you all think.

from Blazerwhore.
Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New music LOVE!!

Ok so it's like 5.20 am. I had a horrid nightmare that has rendered me incapable of sleep [yes I know I sound about 5 but it was some scary ish]


The point is now that I am on the internet trying to keep my mind busy so I don't think about it and I have found an artist that I cannot WAIT to get hold of her stuff. It is a new style of music which she calls tribal electronica [you have to hear it to get it] as she is mixing her nigerian roots with some bashment-y/electro poppy type sounds [you REALLY do have to hear it] and I LOVE it.

The song renegade is going to be hot and I am super inspired by her. She too was originally on the path to lawyer-dom before throwing caution to the wind to pursue her love for the arts. I am not so brave sooo I will be harnessing my big brain for the time being. OKOK enough chitting and chatting from me check out my new music love.

aside: I stumbled upon this beautiful artist on the blog of my newest follower and fellow  blogger ChellyWellzShop - check out her blog too if you haven't already.

love, peace & the strength to follow your dreams [unless they are the nightmare-ish type. gross]

well i'm off to go listen to the renegade sneak peek...once again....and again..

Stylish blog award

Oooh eeer.

I've been nominated for a stylish blog award by my bleurghtastic fellow blogger.

I think I did an internal dance when I saw this sooo here goes..

The Rules: 7 things you didn't know about me...
1) I have SUPER faint eyebrows and so what you see in the pictures is courtesy of my brown Barry M pencil
2) I LOVE all things musical- I sing, I write and I sort of play the piano
3) I watch far too many american TV shows
4) I get bored very quickly and I normally take this out on my hair in crazy scissor happy moments and then I complain that it never grows...
5) I don't know how to whisper [found this out whilst 'whispering' to my friend on the train about the man sitting opposite...]
6) I immediately fancy any man who can sing. EVEN if they look like shrek.
7) I find washing up veeeery relaxing.

Pass this on to 15 other relatively new blogs.

Ok my nominees are:
1) Throughmyaiz- she has exams too and is probably revising like a sensible student.
3) Say Bleurgh - dunno if you can nominate the person who nominated you but ho hum- her clothes are hot.
7) Fashion around the clock
8) Puss in Boots
9) 55th street
10) shop now save later
11) the laugh slut
12) Lolli hearts
13) simply hope

yeah ok i'm tired now and I REALLY have to go study. I know there's only two more left but what can I say. I am a rebel.

p.s. I LIED

found one more blogger who made me look

check out no. 14) prissy of 'rush our fashion'
Sunday, 13 February 2011

Check me out!!!!

Oooh eeer guys. I got featured in a post with other bloggers on a post by fellow blogger Consumerism Killed My Soul [CKMS]. 

From left to right: Anisa from The Laugh Slut [her name is just freaking awesome and I'm not just saying that I am her whoreish namesake] Saskia from Former Parades, MEEEEEE, and Becky from Blah Blah Becky.  
I think you should check out their blogs and I am not really sure IF I am allowed to have a favourite buuuut I do...not telling though. check them all out and check out the post from CKMS...methinks this will be a frequent affair. It's a nice way to meet new bloggers and get yourself out there too.

Also: HI NEW FOLLOWERS *she waves* - hope you're all doing good. find me on twitter and tweet at me like a tweeting twit

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Mr Endowed??


I just had to share to be honest.

I think I am the last human to hear about this but my shock/confusion levels are just high.

Boo Radley gets retail therapy....

Ok so for the past couple of days, I have been stuck in the house studying. I was starting to feel like Boo Radley so I REALLY had to leave the house!!

I  put on this awesome blazer that my housemate got for me and then I started walking. Incidentally, I ended up at my fave store [dunno how that happened really].. and I picked up a new pair of shoes!! and erm maybe the top too...

 close up of the shoes...right up my alley they are!!

 Then erm I walked some more and ended up in Primark. BUT twas lucky I did because I picked up even MORE shoes...hence the happy face!!
I originally left the house in this top [becoming  a fast fave it is!!]

 I REALLY need to stop wearing this ring but it makes me happy!!
 close up
 I MAY have got them in black too...
you know what I didn't get??


Soooo yeah, on that note...I really must dash. Have to learn the ins and outs of purchasing registered land. Exciting no??

Love, peace & walks that lead to new goodies!!
Monday, 7 February 2011

Odd socks for an odd gal...

When I took these pics, I really couldn't find matching socks but erm I hear fashion is evolving these days....everything goes???

 In spite of the post title, the focal point of this post is really this blazer. My only short sleeved one in the collection [a thrifted find of course]. I almost didn't buy it but then my housemate made me come to my senses and BOOM...the collection increases..
you like??
Sunday, 6 February 2011

Extreme Black Gold [ tee hee ]

Hi Guys!!

I have been going through strange phases of recent.

First my crazy nail polish experiment phase 

And now my extreme black gold phase

My housemate pointed out that I keep wearing black and gold, my make up is smokey eye black and gold, my hair is black and gold AND I just bought my L'oreal extra black mascara [with the black and gold tube...but that really isn't my fault is it??]

Then she caught me painting my nails black and then adding a layer of gold over it...


that turned out pretty cool, the result was an awesome metallic black gold colour.

check it out.

AND let me know what you think!!
 me doing some extra black and gold posing!!!

 what do you mean I'm vain?? nuh uh. not me!!

Purple and gold

Once upon a time, I found this three tiered purple dress that just reminded me of Lisa Turtle in Saved by the Bell.

Long story short, the three tiers were far too intense and made me look like barney...soooo, I removed two of them and wore it as a blouse over a tight black skirt to give it a peplum effect.



you like???
Saturday, 5 February 2011

Tie my bow tie....

I've had this bow tie for a while but I haven't worn it yet and so I did it! I finally tied my bow tie and wore it in the below outfit....

she told me my eyes were too small and so i tried to open 'em real wide. Result?? CRAZY FACE!!

 up close and personal...

Love, peace & bow ties...

They wouldn't let me shop so I blogged instead....

tThat title is pretty self explanatory.

I have law school type exams pretty darn soon and so when I suggested taking a wee shopping break, my dictator housemates refused to let me leave the house.


I decided to blog instead.
Tried to make an entirely thrifted outfit and BOOM!!

Check it out.


 I love these shoes but alas they hate my feet and pinch like pinchy things!!

back to the studying I go...


Love, peace & housemates that care about your future...
Friday, 4 February 2011

Denim lovin' and nail polish boredom

 Hey guys!! 

super swift outfit post.

just sharing some denim love.


 This is what happened after a moment of study induced boredom/insanity

 Love, peace & denim glee!!