Sunday, 6 February 2011

Extreme Black Gold [ tee hee ]

Hi Guys!!

I have been going through strange phases of recent.

First my crazy nail polish experiment phase 

And now my extreme black gold phase

My housemate pointed out that I keep wearing black and gold, my make up is smokey eye black and gold, my hair is black and gold AND I just bought my L'oreal extra black mascara [with the black and gold tube...but that really isn't my fault is it??]

Then she caught me painting my nails black and then adding a layer of gold over it...


that turned out pretty cool, the result was an awesome metallic black gold colour.

check it out.

AND let me know what you think!!
 me doing some extra black and gold posing!!!

 what do you mean I'm vain?? nuh uh. not me!!


The strange name that eventually makes sense. said...

el oh el. extremely black and gold you are. I shall laugh forever and no one will threaten me with a nail file!

Aleah said...
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H-S said...

BLACK PEARL... love the nail polish for 2011 trend..

visit and follow mine too

thanks HS

**OnYxStA** said...

LOVE the nails! And OMG!! You're not the only one in a black and gold phase...i buy black and gold necklaces, bracelets, gold rings with black stones....i wear black leggings and camel jumpers. Its an obsession LOL

Nicola said...

you see?? I say we are bang on trend!! :)

Dhalia Rodriguez said...

Ok I like that OPI nail color. What's the name of it?


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