Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Let's make up..

Hey there guys

I thought I would do a make-up post today because people always ask me what I use on my skin etc soooo Imma share.

First things first..I actually cannot stand foundation. It makes my skin feel bound in a prison like state and it makes my blood bubble when people hug me and leave parts of their face on my favourite blouses etc. That said, IF I would recommend any foundation, it would be from the sleek range because as far as I recall, that stuff really does not rub off and it doesn't make you look plastic fantastic.

I do however use this shimmery gold stuff that gives a subtle holiday glow type thing that I love.  I don't use it all over my face though, because you just start looking like Alex Mack. Previously, I used one from the Iman range but then they discontinued it. Sooo when I ran into something similar in superdrugs either last year or the year before, I shamelessly bought about 4 bottles!!


Less talk, more pictures

 I love playing with eye shadow. Probably the effect of my GCSE art lessons. Colours are FUN. Speaking of art, I really haven't drawn in a while. I may start that up again and show you guys another side of me!!

 I am in LOVE with Avons Arabian glow range and that is what I use as my blusher/bronzer.
In fact, I really need to stock up.
 I was previously team rimmel and then I was converted to loreal and now I cannot turn back. It does AMAZING things to lashes. Pricey but worth it.

for this look, I stuck to earthy colours. Golds, greens and browns. There are about 6 different colours on my eyes!

 and here is the combined effect of the arabian glow and my superdrug shimmer. check out the cheeks..


I'm off now.

Love, peace & erm sunkissed cheeks??


Pets34fashion said...

Love your eyeshadow! and the glow looks really healthy! I used to be the same with foundation too, until i tried some tinted moisturizers etc! xxx

Nicola said...

I'm open to suggestion so I might give tinted moisturizers a go. Do they rub off?? p.s. love your blog. I am a new follower xx

**OnYxStA** said...

gorgeous!!! love the gold shimmer and i dont blame you for hating foundation....your skin is fab without it! <3


Dee O. said...

Love it!! Your lipstick is on POINT! I love that shade of pink :)


Nicola said...

awww thanks guys xx

**OnYxStA** said...

Gave you a Stylish Blogger Award on my BLEURGH xx


Girley said...

Cute look girl!! :)

Nicola said...

thanks love..xxx

Chizy K said...

which eye shadow brand is that? it looks good on u

Nicola said...

hey chizy..it's called front cover...like in the first picture. thank you :)

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