Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New music LOVE!!

Ok so it's like 5.20 am. I had a horrid nightmare that has rendered me incapable of sleep [yes I know I sound about 5 but it was some scary ish]


The point is now that I am on the internet trying to keep my mind busy so I don't think about it and I have found an artist that I cannot WAIT to get hold of her stuff. It is a new style of music which she calls tribal electronica [you have to hear it to get it] as she is mixing her nigerian roots with some bashment-y/electro poppy type sounds [you REALLY do have to hear it] and I LOVE it.

The song renegade is going to be hot and I am super inspired by her. She too was originally on the path to lawyer-dom before throwing caution to the wind to pursue her love for the arts. I am not so brave sooo I will be harnessing my big brain for the time being. OKOK enough chitting and chatting from me check out my new music love.

aside: I stumbled upon this beautiful artist on the blog of my newest follower and fellow  blogger ChellyWellzShop - check out her blog too if you haven't already.

love, peace & the strength to follow your dreams [unless they are the nightmare-ish type. gross]

well i'm off to go listen to the renegade sneak peek...once again....and again..


Ane said...

just checked out the sneak peak of the song and I love her already. I love finding out about new artists so thanks for posting about her. plus shes Nigerian which is cool

the twenty said...

Right back at ya, nominated you as well :)

ChellyWellz said...

Thanks for the shout out! I agree, I'm in love with her sound :)

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