Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Stylish blog award

Oooh eeer.

I've been nominated for a stylish blog award by my bleurghtastic fellow blogger.

I think I did an internal dance when I saw this sooo here goes..

The Rules: 7 things you didn't know about me...
1) I have SUPER faint eyebrows and so what you see in the pictures is courtesy of my brown Barry M pencil
2) I LOVE all things musical- I sing, I write and I sort of play the piano
3) I watch far too many american TV shows
4) I get bored very quickly and I normally take this out on my hair in crazy scissor happy moments and then I complain that it never grows...
5) I don't know how to whisper [found this out whilst 'whispering' to my friend on the train about the man sitting opposite...]
6) I immediately fancy any man who can sing. EVEN if they look like shrek.
7) I find washing up veeeery relaxing.

Pass this on to 15 other relatively new blogs.

Ok my nominees are:
1) Throughmyaiz- she has exams too and is probably revising like a sensible student.
3) Say Bleurgh - dunno if you can nominate the person who nominated you but ho hum- her clothes are hot.
7) Fashion around the clock
8) Puss in Boots
9) 55th street
10) shop now save later
11) the laugh slut
12) Lolli hearts
13) simply hope

yeah ok i'm tired now and I REALLY have to go study. I know there's only two more left but what can I say. I am a rebel.


p.s. I LIED

found one more blogger who made me look

check out no. 14) prissy of 'rush our fashion'


Promise said...

Thanks alot hun...x


Unknown said...

thanks! :) just did the same exact same thing and passed the award to you!
and i also find washing up very relaxing! everyone thinks im wierd lol

Lola x

Anisa said...

OMG THANKS SO SO SO MUCH! You're simply too kind, this totally made my night :)


Lolli Lewis said...

i have just seen this...
thank you! :)

x x

the twenty said...

Thank You :))
Too kind...

Unknown said...

lmaooo read this and it really made me laugh


pahahaha I remember I was with my friend and there was some boy in singing lessons anyways he sounded good, so we asked him to sing us a song - he started singing Tyrese sounds of love making - and it was the worst thing I had ever heard, I started shaking cause I was trying so hard not to laugh then I just burst out laughing it was one of those awkward moments pahahahaha xxxx

Nicola said...

LOL! no seriously i have a weakness for singing men. it's quite embarrassing really.xx

Unknown said...

awwww you are THE sweetest!!

Xisses, Onyxsta


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