Sunday, 20 March 2011

Follow the fashion brick lane...

Hey guys!!

Sorry I keep disappearing! 

Anyhoo, after church today, I popped into Brick Lane and was reminded of why I love London so much. I have just never been anywhere else in the world where ANYTHING is acceptable. People wear and do whatever they bloody want in brick lane and they just seem so happy and free. 

I think it is freaking awesome and i LOVE IT.

So here are some of the pics from my sunday afternoon. enjoy.

yummy street food!!

 and super fly people

 my personal fave...

aaaand i even found myself a nice wee bargain mesh and velvet  dress..

 Alas not EVERYTHING in bricklane is good...
but man's poison is another man's meat. to each his own!!


p.s when I wore this hat with this dress, i really reminded myself of hilary banks a la fresh prince of bel air.

p.p.s IF you happen to spot your face in any of these pictures and want me to remove it then just email me...but to be honest you probably look fly so please don't...


the twenty said...

the dress is nice! Love Brick Lane is something else...too be fair i mostly go there for the food.Guilty.

ChellyWellz said...

London seems great! I plan on visiting this fall, I'm excited!!

Unknown said...

Never been to Brick Lane...not the fondest fan of vintage u see as I have diagnosed myself allergic to the smell of the shops but I do love a good bargain. We have to make a date sometime when I'm back in London :)

Xisses, Onyxsta

Miss behaviour said...

That's me in the floor length jacket can you please take my picture off I am offended, you have violated my Art 8 rights and you call yourself a lawyer!

But before I go I must comment on the abundance of carbohyrates in your street food.

Unknown said...

bah im miss london. manchester does not compare, sometimes.

love the dress, it looks gorgeous on you.

Lola x

Courtnee said...

ahhhh i love brink lane!
soooo many fashionable people at once!
nice blog
*now following you*

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