Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guess who's back??? [with new hair again...don't judge me]

Hi Guys!!

My exams are oooooover!! and because you were obviously wondering, I think they went ok [minus the very last one which erm just went...] anyhoo, the important thing is that now I am as free as a free thing. 

I realised whilst I was gone that I actually missed you guys!! Blogging totally makes me happy. Anyhoo soppy expressions of love aside..with my first day of freedom, i did....drumroll please...MY HAIR!!

To be honest, at first I thought I looked like a wild banshee but it turns out that I am somewhat of a drama queen because now that I have embraced my inner Diana Ross, I am loooooving my diva feeling!!

What do you think??? YAY OR NAY??

 And just so you don't all start to think that I am crazy vain girl...I also got me some new earrings that made me happy!!

ALSO...I seem to have attracted a whoooole lotta new followers in my absence!! corr blimey, I go for a week and you all come a searching!! I have only one thing to say to you!!....
you make the blogging interesting...

Sooo, I was thinking....I just may do a giveaway type thing soon enough??

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the nail polish from my black gold post?? which btw is OPI. I happen to have some new bottles of the same colour so if y'all are interested then let me know and I'll see if I can spread some of that OPI joy your way. If you have forgotten what it looks like, then let me remind you..

If you want it then BEG FOR IT....ok I'm kidding...the freedom is messing with my mind/sanity.
If you want it then express your interest then I will figure out some sort of giveaway 'thing' and holla.



Promise said...

Love the hair, and the glasses, and the lipstick. Everything...x

Prissy said...

Hey Girlie,

Welcome back!! Everything is so ka-ute!! Lovin' the hair!!You have a lot of catching up to do...i.e..(reading my blog) so get to it!! LOL


Lolli Lewis said...

loving the hair! the freedom from exams is second to none!

ChellyWellz said...

hair and face look great!! my midterms are next week :(

Nicola said...

@promise - thanks love

@prissy - i'm not gonna lie, i totally read your blog in the middle of studying [you have a whoooole lotta shoes]

@lolade - riiiight? i have so much sleep catching up to do...and now i just wanna go ANYWHERE before my freedom ends.

@chellywellz- listen love, just focus on those babies for however long it takes and then when your freedom comes, you will know that you deserve it. good luck

Funke Omisore said...

Hi I want the free polish. Thank you.

Your hair looks wild. Have you tried mousse?

Miss behaviour said...

I'm with strange name on this one.

Rhoda a.k.a xMiss-Charmingx said...

Yaaay! your back lol..I've read almost every post on your blog and God, looooooooooool your hilarious. My favourites has to be the post where you wrote " U.Ks answer to Ms Jay" and you at the bus stop with your friend ( wearing all white ) i laughed soo hard..

I like the hair doll. One more thing, it's always good to find another button fan as I love to change buttons on clothes to suit my taste . looool aaaaaah gosh you're really funny. Honestly.

And oh please send the free polish down my way :)

A said...

ohhh i LOVE the new hair, looking gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

Your hair looks STUNNING!

Have you tried Barry M's cracking nail polish? You really should, it's amazing!

Unknown said...

Good to have you back and HELL YEAH to free kiddin' me?? :)

Love & missed your posts GREATLY, Onyxsta

Nicola said...

@ BBB - I have not tried said nail polish but now I am curious..

@bleurgh- awwww yay!! i'm glad someone missed me

@ash...why thank you m'dear

@rhoda - Lol- yes I am back, I am glad I make you laugh

@ everyone - HUGS & KISSES

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