Thursday, 28 April 2011

African Queen part 2

Ok I'm not gonna lie, I've been feeling the african vibe a whole lot of recent. I am still refraining from the afro pick but the new thing I'm embracing is the head scarf.

Ok this look was actually a total accident. I wrapped my hair last night before bed as you do but i couldn't find my usual headscarf so I grabbed the extra piece of material that's been lying around since I sliced my mum's buba apart and tied up the base of my hair. Next thing you know...BOOM....the inspiration came and my new look was born. 

Hope you likey..

zoom in on the clutch..

preparing for lift off...

aaaand you like me now??


You just may see variations of the African Queen look throughout this summer but just to prove how multi faceted i am....


p.s. guys I have been sick with a crazy arse cold that thinks it is really the bubonic plague and it just won't leave me alone. It has almost been 2 weeks of germs now and I am officially over it so please pray for me y'all.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

out in my nuddy pants.

If I have mentioned before that I am quite comfy with strutting about in erm a near natural state then that will probably be the relevant explanation for the length of my belt skirt. Ok honestly, it started off longer than that but just rode up at every opportunity sooooo what's a girl to do, you know??



or erm today...either way, I am feeling super doooooper loved because my fabby friends keep buying things for me.

SOOO shout out to law ad libitum for my super awesome ring holder thing that is right up my alley

 aaaand throughmyaiz for this freaking awesome bag direct from the motherland...nigeria that is.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

African Queen

Ok so on Tuesday, the sun as you all know came out to say hello. This kinda reminded me of Nigerian heat and made me get all 'roots-y'. OK so I didn't walk around with an afro pick embedded in my weave BUT I did wear my mother's 'buba'.

Now for all you who don't know what a buba is, it is a bloody large top in african fabric  worn with a wrap around skirt [in the same fabric]. Evidently, I wasn't going to go out quite like that sooooo I brought out my scissors and buttons and got to embellishing. The result was a cropped, african print top with pearl and gold buttons on the sleeve. Coupled with my long black skirt and it's thigh high slit, I really felt like a bit of an african queen [hence the post title]

As I mentioned on my twitter, the thing about dressing like an african queen is that you get men looking at you like you are a mango that they would like to take a bite of.

That ladies, is the price of looking super fly....or super african, you take your pic [i'd say the former tbh]

im not even sure what this expression means tbh..

not sure why i was so happy either??

my crouching tiger, hidden african pose.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Too school for cool...

No comments on my grammar please, that post title was entirely intentional. In fact, you should recognise it as a line from the incredibly awesome Pink song 'raise your glass'


I felt like embracing my inner child and dressing like a school girl today. What I soon learnt was that there is something about dressing like a child but having an adult's figure that screams 'COMMON WENCH' which actually does not bother me too much as I have no problems 'slutting up' when it comes to outfit choices. 

However, due to the fact that I have vocal lessons to attend at church tonight, I figured that I would swap my thigh high stockings for tights and tone it down a notch. Also, when I left my house the first time wearing the outfit that you are about to had an erm....interesting effect on all the men I happened by sooooo all in all, I'll be saving my stockings for summer when wench like clothing is almost a requisite.

off to school i go...

then i had a wee bit of a technical glitch with my glasses..

check out my intense concentration trying to fix it


my beautiful Valentino bag
the following pictures are all a result of my macBook pro excitement. My daddy gave me one and now my vanity has tripled. ho hum...

the resemblance is uncanny right??...

and just in case you have been living in a cave and haven't heard 'raise your glass' yet, here it is...

oooh almost forgot, someone asked me to reveal where i get my clothes from so here goes

shirt: vintage
blazer: vintage
skirt: primark
stockings: primark
bow tie: made myself out of old hair band...[don't ask]
hat: vintage fair
bag: Italy [courtesy of my mummy]
shoes: primark...i'm sensing a pattern tbh..
super fly face: directly from God.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Denim and Lace

Ok so yesterday, I woke up thinking the weather would maintain its recent glorious sunshine and left my house in a denim shirt and a puffball lace skirt. It took me about 5 seconds for the wind to chill my erm 'particulars' but because I had left my house at approx 6am, I figured I just needed to give the sun a chance.

several hours and an impending blocked nose later, I realised that my partial leg nudity was irrelevant and I shielded my nakedness from the world via my trusty leggings [I always carry a spare pair just in case]


Before that happened, I managed to get a few shots in of me braving the weather right next to my law school.

 i tried to take a spinning picture but I really just ended up dizzy for all my troubles


 now into law school trying to look intellectual. Not sure why I used a brochure to illustrate this point but ho hum...

now the actual studying hence the 'I hate everyone expression'

I don't really. I love you guys!!
Later on in the evening, I went to salsa classes to work off the intense builder's breakfast that I ate. Sure tasted good though.

Love, peace and working off those calories.