Thursday, 21 April 2011

African Queen

Ok so on Tuesday, the sun as you all know came out to say hello. This kinda reminded me of Nigerian heat and made me get all 'roots-y'. OK so I didn't walk around with an afro pick embedded in my weave BUT I did wear my mother's 'buba'.

Now for all you who don't know what a buba is, it is a bloody large top in african fabric  worn with a wrap around skirt [in the same fabric]. Evidently, I wasn't going to go out quite like that sooooo I brought out my scissors and buttons and got to embellishing. The result was a cropped, african print top with pearl and gold buttons on the sleeve. Coupled with my long black skirt and it's thigh high slit, I really felt like a bit of an african queen [hence the post title]

As I mentioned on my twitter, the thing about dressing like an african queen is that you get men looking at you like you are a mango that they would like to take a bite of.

That ladies, is the price of looking super fly....or super african, you take your pic [i'd say the former tbh]

im not even sure what this expression means tbh..

not sure why i was so happy either??

my crouching tiger, hidden african pose.



Melody.A said...

Totally LOVE IT!!!!

Unknown said...

wow i love it. you look great. that is something i shall be trying out :)

Rhoda a.k.a xMiss-Charmingx said...

very creative. Love the prints

You should have stuck an afro comb in your weave loool :P

Dominique W. said...

Love how you altered the top. Stylish!

Jen said...

OOOOOO! YES! You Wore The Buba Oh So Well.


the twenty said...

love it, raiding my mums wardrobe very soon :)

Unknown said...

DEF gonna be stealing that idea...just gotta get my hands on some ankara now *huffs and puffs*


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