Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Denim and Lace

Ok so yesterday, I woke up thinking the weather would maintain its recent glorious sunshine and left my house in a denim shirt and a puffball lace skirt. It took me about 5 seconds for the wind to chill my erm 'particulars' but because I had left my house at approx 6am, I figured I just needed to give the sun a chance.

several hours and an impending blocked nose later, I realised that my partial leg nudity was irrelevant and I shielded my nakedness from the world via my trusty leggings [I always carry a spare pair just in case]


Before that happened, I managed to get a few shots in of me braving the weather right next to my law school.

 i tried to take a spinning picture but I really just ended up dizzy for all my troubles


 now into law school trying to look intellectual. Not sure why I used a brochure to illustrate this point but ho hum...

now the actual studying hence the 'I hate everyone expression'

I don't really. I love you guys!!
Later on in the evening, I went to salsa classes to work off the intense builder's breakfast that I ate. Sure tasted good though.

Love, peace and working off those calories.



Rhoda a.k.a xMiss-Charmingx said...

I see your back lol The prodigal daughter :p

P.S I just threw a stone at ya ( haha )

Anonymous said...

I love the way this looks - inspiration for when we're blessed with sunshine again.

I'm relatively new to your blog (it's been less than a month and even your blogging has been less than consistent *ahem* I'm sticking, so far) but one thing that would be so awesome would be if you could give some indication of where you bought the items you're wearing.

Maybe you want to keep all your shopping haunts secret, which is kind of selfish - not that I'm judging...
All that I'm trying to say is: Share the love (and the shops), please!

tay♥ said...

the outfit is absolutely perfect IMO, i love the idea of putting together a casual denim shirt and kicks with a whimsical, edgy black lace skirt. i WILL be hitting the mall for both articles of clothing now, thanks for the inspiration!

tay♥ said...

oh, and the makeup is as equally fierce! what lip color/brand is that? you seem to have the same skin tone as i do, and i'd love a color that's different but not overbearing like that one.

Nicola said...

ooh ok, points to address.

@ rhoda- i dodged your stones and now i am begging for forgiveness

@anonymous - again i apologise and I am rather happy that you are still standing by me in spite of my sporadic posting. I will indeed start sharing my shopping haunts but I promise you that by the end of it, you will tire of the word 'vintage'

@tay - thank you so much, your comment made me smile. As for the lipstick...erm I always end up blending a few colours. This particular one is a blend of collection 2000 red red and rimmel lily extase [no.340]- i dunno, i may do a video blog on it soonish if you'd like??

@everyone - kisses.xx

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