Tuesday, 12 April 2011

GRRRRRR....is the sound I deserve

Hi guys [insert sheepish grin here]


I have no excuses

Throw stones at me later??

BUT until then...HI NEW FOLLOWERS..

and erm in keeping with the GRRRR theme, i thought I would share pics of my leopard print top.

Hugs, kisses and erm apologies

disclaimer: please ignore the partial nudity. Billy just wanted to say hi.


Unknown said...

WHOA! Ok, I feel like a stalker for commenting 1st but I swear...erm...I keep 5 paces behind you at all times and I think thats legally acceptable right? LOL

YAY! Ur back! But erm...GRRR! Never leave again woman!

BLEURGH & Xisses

Desiree Love (Lily) said...

billy looks to be behaving, my biliki is having fun running riot.
you look lovely ...
really like the bag.

Nicola said...

@bleurgh. LOL. you're nuts but honestly stalk away!! i promise not to do this again...the disappearing not the blogging. xx

Nicola said...

@desiree...billy is totally not behaving...those are well angled pictures. but i WILL have a bikini bod by force!!x

ShayShay... said...

I love the belly beads!

And your glasses inflict granny- chic cool into your whole outfit... LOVE.

Also, because I have a pair... Lol...

Cool outfit! Where are your leggings from?


the twenty said...

love the whole outfit, and the bag is a vintage dream :)

Nicola said...

thanks guys...@shay - the leggings are actually from primark. try the marble arch one or the hammersmith one.xx

ShayShay... said...



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