Thursday, 14 April 2011

Too school for cool...

No comments on my grammar please, that post title was entirely intentional. In fact, you should recognise it as a line from the incredibly awesome Pink song 'raise your glass'


I felt like embracing my inner child and dressing like a school girl today. What I soon learnt was that there is something about dressing like a child but having an adult's figure that screams 'COMMON WENCH' which actually does not bother me too much as I have no problems 'slutting up' when it comes to outfit choices. 

However, due to the fact that I have vocal lessons to attend at church tonight, I figured that I would swap my thigh high stockings for tights and tone it down a notch. Also, when I left my house the first time wearing the outfit that you are about to had an erm....interesting effect on all the men I happened by sooooo all in all, I'll be saving my stockings for summer when wench like clothing is almost a requisite.

off to school i go...

then i had a wee bit of a technical glitch with my glasses..

check out my intense concentration trying to fix it


my beautiful Valentino bag
the following pictures are all a result of my macBook pro excitement. My daddy gave me one and now my vanity has tripled. ho hum...

the resemblance is uncanny right??...

and just in case you have been living in a cave and haven't heard 'raise your glass' yet, here it is...

oooh almost forgot, someone asked me to reveal where i get my clothes from so here goes

shirt: vintage
blazer: vintage
skirt: primark
stockings: primark
bow tie: made myself out of old hair band...[don't ask]
hat: vintage fair
bag: Italy [courtesy of my mummy]
shoes: primark...i'm sensing a pattern tbh..
super fly face: directly from God.



Wake Up Your Luck said...

hahahaha your 'common wench' comment has got me in fits of giggles! gorgous outfit - especially love the bow tie! xxx

Jen of said...

Very cute outfit! ♥ it!

M said...

So cute! Are those nail polishes with the faces? I love them! I am a big fan of Raise your glass too

Nicola said...

thanks guys!!

@M - they're actually highlighters. I am a sucker for cute things and any supporter of pink must be cheers!! xx

Enitan said...

love the outfit! especially the shirt :)

Marella said...

Amazing outfit!
Looooove your blog, sooooo inspiring!
Following! Follow back? <3

Linda O said...

omg ! i love this look :)

keep smiling xx

Unknown said...

LOL @ 'super fly face'....u r just too mad for this earth!
Ok....apologies for seriously molesting your comment box tonight, I just dunno why I missed all these posts! Ahh well....looking ultra-fly as always x


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