Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Black and Gold

Ok so one day I was minding my very own business strutting down to superdrug to buy some lipstick when this skirt RUDELY forced me to enter a shop and buy it.
Honestly, you would think that clothes understand that you have more important things to do buuuut my hands were tied so I admitted defeat and handed my card over.

BUT don't you love it??

Friday, 20 May 2011

Counting Crows...

It really didn't take me long to abandon the colour train and go back to black...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My very first VLOG - take two...

Guys...this is take 2 of my first vlogging experience. I tried to do one yesterday but with my super savvy technological skills it erm...didn't really go down as intended and I ended up publishing a chopped and screwed version.

Soooo here we have it. My VLOG...I was super nervous, I'm not gonna lie but enjoy folks

also let me know what you think..no comments on my manly voice. thanks

Crouching tiger...

I did a bad thing guys...

I shopped once again BUT it was almost educational...I bought a kimono....so erm yeah...I was actually studying..making sure no intellectual property rights were breached in the design of this super HOT attire...or call it international relations...how ever you paint it, the point remains that it is smoking hot and as such, I have no regrets...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

They call me mellow yellow...

Ok so for as long as I can remember, my sister from another mister has been bugging me about the fact that all I ever wear is black [which is pretty true]

So today, in honour of fellow blogger and awesome human throughmyaiz, I did not wear a stitch of black [bar my nail polish] and I must admit, it aint so bad...

I decided to wear all yellow except for the splash of colour on my feet as my own personal f*?k you to the weather in london.

Enjoy cos i sure did!!

be sure to check out Aize's blog...she is almost as awesome as I am...almost...

The leather skirt experience...

Hello there followers [old and new alike]

So I was telling you about my recent leather obsession. Yesterday, it manifested itself in the form of my leather skirt. I bought this skirt from a woman who told me that she had bought it whilst travelling in America in the days of her youth. I like clothes with a bit of history tbh so I neatly shuffled forced my way into her skirt [she was clearly a svelte creature in her hay day] and ventured off to my law school.

Here are some things that the experience taught me:
1) My hips REALLY do not lie
2) If you wear a leather skirt that is erm 'snug' shall we say, you are officially banned from eating, bending and any other basic functions such as daring to partake in the oxygen that is so freely available to others.
3) If you should ignore the eating rule, you should probably stick to fruit and NOT a meatball sub from Pret...followed by erm other things which I may or may not have eaten
4) Men of ALL walks of life equate leather to kinky behaviour and you will be propositioned
5) London weather is not a respecter of fashion
6) High Holborn is not an appropriate environment for risque outfits- it may be the home of your future employer who will now forever see you as a set of walking tits/ovaries

I learnt many other valuable lessons yesterday, including the fact that I have a LOT of revision to do if I am to pass my upcoming exams.

So on that note I bid you adieu.

Hugs and pecks.

 don't know who I was looking at like that OR what they did to me...
 there you go- smiles all around

no i am NOT vain- i was merely erm reading a REALLY interesting notice on the other side of that non reflective window. yup.

a close up on my fabby new belt
i have no reasons or excuses for this.

Note to self: If you carry a bag as big as your house, you will fill it with junk and awake to find that one of your arms looks scarily akin to that of Popeye the sailor man. The end.

P.s. If you were wondering- that bag is the big sister of my rucksack from the 'too school for cool' post - last seen here.

many a people have tried to steal it. but i will not be bamboozled. thanks
Monday, 16 May 2011

Leather and lace...

Hey guys!!

Recently, I have been experiencing a bit of a leather obsession. I now have my long coveted leather jacket and leather skirt [not to be worn simultaneously]...I also have a leather and purple checked pattern cropped jacket, my DIYDS leather shorts and the list continues but I am wary of sounding en peu S&M so I will stop now. 

Anyhoo, I was just giving the warning lest you be alarmed at the increased amount of leather you may note in upcoming posts.

The outfit of last night comprised of leather and lace [because i am subtle like that]. I like the contrast of the two materials; tough yet delicate all in one fell swoop. Kinda like my personality tbh...YES i DO have a soft side and let no one tell you any different.

hugs and snogs.

that flash of green you see on my ears will be my peacock feather ear rings. they make me happy

Tousled tassles

I remember when I bought this top.

There was no real deciding factor apart from the extent of its 'swooshing powers'.

And when i wore it, oh how it swooshed.