Monday, 16 May 2011

Leather and lace...

Hey guys!!

Recently, I have been experiencing a bit of a leather obsession. I now have my long coveted leather jacket and leather skirt [not to be worn simultaneously]...I also have a leather and purple checked pattern cropped jacket, my DIYDS leather shorts and the list continues but I am wary of sounding en peu S&M so I will stop now. 

Anyhoo, I was just giving the warning lest you be alarmed at the increased amount of leather you may note in upcoming posts.

The outfit of last night comprised of leather and lace [because i am subtle like that]. I like the contrast of the two materials; tough yet delicate all in one fell swoop. Kinda like my personality tbh...YES i DO have a soft side and let no one tell you any different.

hugs and snogs.

that flash of green you see on my ears will be my peacock feather ear rings. they make me happy


Virtuousbeauty said...

Idk what it is but you sort of remind me of Angela Simmons :)

Dominique W. said...

Yea you sure do remind me of her too :-) Love your style!!!

Tinu said...

love the laid back look...super cute!

Nicola said...

thanks guys!! and lol at the angela simmons bit- i've never heard that before!!

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