Friday, 24 June 2011

Exam hair...

Ok so during exams NO ONE has time to be doing elaborate hair styling whilst trying to figure out how to turn an LTD into PLC so they can float successfully on their IPO whilst being down with OPP...

Ok so that last one wasn't actually related to anything legal at all BUT my point remains that juggling all that information means that i need insta-hair which is why i live in.....A WIG.

Shock, horror and rotten tomatoes

I KNOW right??

But honestly, I am glad to say that I have become a master of all things hair and I managed to make my own wig and then do the impossible..make it look fly-ish...

So here i give you....EXAM HAIR!!

Apparently this one makes me look old. I normally get told i look 18 so that is some exciting ish

so what do y'all think?? long hair or short hair??

also...i think i JUST may be a tad bit vain. BUT i have a big brain too so that makes it ok right??

love, peace and secret wigs
Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bare foot and brazen..

Ok sooo in the midst of this exam season, I like to take pleasure in the little things which may mean that SOMETIMES i dress up with no intention of going any where barring my revision desk [code name for my bed].

Today was not one of those days. I am currently wearing my notorious obama jumper and erm yeah not much else apart from me under garments [i am a weeeee bit of an exhibitionist...]
obviously i am sexiness

anyhoo... a couple of days ago, i thought i would pretend to be a human and study whilst dressed like someone whose name was rain and likes to play with wheat in her spare time. 

Enjoy...well try and enjoy but the pics were taken on my phone and in bad lighting, so erm apologies...

CORR BLIMEY!! doesn't my foot look huge?? *sigh* obviously i wasn't paying attention to tyra when she was banging on about H2T modelling. for shame nicola for shame...

here are some hair and make up pics [both done by none other than meeeee]

the last one wasn't taken on my phone..hence the reason you can actually see it.

Ok must study now.

I love you all.

p.s. once my exams are done and i return to the blogosphere, you may not recognise me anymore on account of the fact that i am clearly a comfort eater and i have been eating like a wild boar!! I have been inhaling everything in sight that remotely looks like food as if my body or my metabolism have any respect for me. So yeah, if i look erm slightly...rotund upon my return, all i ask is this....please be gentle with me.
Monday, 6 June 2011

My skirt cost me a paaaaaaand [market speak for £1]

You know that man in the market that cries out 'two STRAWberries for a paaaaaaaand'?? well i didn't buy my skirt from him but it still cost me a blooming pound so i have dedicated this post to him!!

Here's to you mr fruit man. you have paved the way for items of clothing for a paaaand. may your fruit stall flourish!!

i'm not dizzy. that's my erm...natural face..

 if you were wondering, this is not what i am wearing today:
1) because it is raining
2) because i am currently studying in my room
3) because after the breakfast i ate today, i am not allowed to wear anything feminine due to the shame that i have brought upon the female gender. Apologies
Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just for FUN!!

I came home to find my housemate baking biscuits. That totally made me happy and so I decided this was the relevant platform to share my joy in the form of random pictures...

 the biscuits that started the madness..

 the imminent downfall of said biscuit...

GONE!! yummy..

 introducing the chef...

you'd never guess that we are both grown folk.

And that's how I like it!!