Monday, 6 June 2011

My skirt cost me a paaaaaaand [market speak for £1]

You know that man in the market that cries out 'two STRAWberries for a paaaaaaaand'?? well i didn't buy my skirt from him but it still cost me a blooming pound so i have dedicated this post to him!!

Here's to you mr fruit man. you have paved the way for items of clothing for a paaaand. may your fruit stall flourish!!

i'm not dizzy. that's my erm...natural face..

 if you were wondering, this is not what i am wearing today:
1) because it is raining
2) because i am currently studying in my room
3) because after the breakfast i ate today, i am not allowed to wear anything feminine due to the shame that i have brought upon the female gender. Apologies


Dominique W. said...

Love the skirt, color and design! Cute outfit mama!

Anonymous said...

LOL, your title made me laugh! The skirt doesnt even look like it was a "paaaaaaaand", this sucha bargain. You look lovely in it.


Freda said...


ShayShay... said...

Omg your skirt is toooo beaut!!!

Love it!

Lolli Lewis said...

that skirt, that price = fantastic!

Unknown said...

the skirt looks so gorgeous on you :)

Chic Therapy said...

one paaaaaaaand only!wow.loves it

Jen said...

*cries out of jealous*

Jen xx


Lovely skirt I love the little details at the bottom :)

Enitan said...

love the skirt :)

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