Saturday, 30 July 2011

OOTD: who loves short shorts??

Ok so I have to dash to work again soooo I don't have time for my usual witty blog banter....but I couldn't waste the gorge day without naked-ing [a real word] myself first and then taking pics for y'all....

birds of a feather: i made my earrings match my bag - is that loserish??

shorts: vintage
shoes: forever 21
necklace: forever 21
belt: vintage
top: primark
earrings: primark
bag: vintage
glasses: the lane of bricks

love, peace and tiny shorts
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mother hen...

Every now and then, I have moments when I act about 50 and like I am actually everyone's mum.

This is one of them.

The video I am about to present you with showcases someone who I am extremely proud of doing what he loves to do.

Pay close attention to no.6...and you MAY recognise some other folk too.....

I respect and am inspired by people who achieve what they set out to do.

Here's to you number 6.

love, peace & the strength to follow your dreams
Monday, 25 July 2011

The day I became a cougar....

From the pictures I am about to post, you would never know that anything happened other than sunshine, shorts and starbucks.

Au Contraire my little innocent minds. This day marked the day I became a cougar.

Prior to the 22 July 2011, I actually scoffed at the concept of even being attracted to someone months younger let alone years BUT on this wonderful day, on the singular longest bus journey EVER, I happened upon a lad so stunning, intelligent and witty that when he informed me of his age [which btw was 18] and then asked mine, I briefly considered lying and then I grudgingly mumbled 23, did the fastest math of my entire adult existence and realised that a partner who was 5 years my junior would not be acceptable to me, my mum or a judge.... 

Ok maybe it is legally acceptable but honestly, what would I tell my kids??

I will tell you that I flirted with the idea [and maybe also with him a little] for much longer than you would think and then forced myself to part ways when he queried as to why I kept giggling and erm also when I realised that I had walked past all the shops that I'd initially intended to go to simply so we could have more time to converse.

I closed my eyes and pushed him away and quickly replaced all memory of his face with an extra coffee, caramel frappe [light] and a couple of blog photos.

Hope you enjoy because somebody has to...

leather jacket - vintage
cropped top- some market or another
shorts - H&M
sandals - primark
bag - also primark
ring- H&M
coffee- starbucks
face - God

love, peace & fleeing from lads who are teens...
Saturday, 23 July 2011

Let's make up: look of the day...

Decided to try a different make up look, especially since I finally got my MAC blacktrack fluid line eye liner!! For the first time in a while, I stepped outside of my usual earthy colour comfort zone and went so something a wee bit edgier... (Is that a real word??)

I have never professed to be a make up artist but I think I did a splendid job sooo here it is..

YES- I use two different is the only way tbh...


 ok must rush off to work now. muchos love

p.s. please note that there is no picture with a bottle of foundation because i do not use the stuff. In fact I believe it to be the enemy of skin progress. That said, I found a couple of spots trying to get excited on my face sooooo I have reinstated my facial regime full force. I won't be had by a bunch of bacteria. Cheers.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Next A/W 2011 collection

Ok so it's July and ordinarily I would not be thinking about what to wear for the approaching seasons...HOWEVER, thanks to the not so season appropriate British weather, my cropped top dreams have been robbed from me and I found myself instead looking for autumn/winter items. I have been saying for the longest that I am trying to embrace a pocahontas meets boho meets african queen type style and it seems that the retailer that has embodied my inner desires is none other than....NEXT.

I haven't shopped high street in the longest but the earthy colours, print tote bags and beaded jewellery caught my eye and so I am presenting y'all with the opportunity to let it catch your eye also.

Summat tells me that the British summer is officially sorta since I can't leave the house without having to splash around in flood sized puddles, I'm off to plan my winter wardrobe.

Love, peace and increased degrees celsius!!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Pretty fly for a white guy...

As y'all know, my blog isn't ALL about fashion. I write about errr thang on my mind and after watching a couple of episodes of 'Single girls', the current topic!!

I've realised that underneath all my cynicism, I am actually a big ol' romantic at heart. I've never had it but I want the whole wining and dining experience complete with flowers and chocolate...or maybe for me specifically, shoes and chicken??


I have never dated a white guy before. Not because I am a black panther or anything but I generally find black guys more attractive. However, I DO realise that I maaaay have been a wee bit close minded. There are a few white guys that I think are smoking hot...admittedly they are all on the TV screen but the second I find one off screen that looks remotely delish AND treats me like the tropical queen he will undoubtedly think I am, then I am totally willing to give it a go.

Disclaimer: daddy if you're reading this, please don't cry...I know you wanted me to marry a nice Nigerian man but methinks it is time to diversify a bit.

So in the spirit of trying new things, here are my top 5 white guy crushes [in NO order of priority]...

Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Kinney

Ian Somerhalder - the best obviously

Alexander Skarsgard

Chris Hemsworth
if you don't know what shows/movies these guys are from, then you're a loser..or you don't have a T.V. 

for your sakes, I sincerely hope it is the latter.

love, peace and diversification...
Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cardioboobscular exercise

Hi Guys. 

Today I am going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who wanted nothing more than a small waist and flat abs. Alas, this young girl loved to eat...a LOT...of meat to be precise. Years later it would transpire that this was known as the 'atkins diet' and that this girl may as well have been on it for her whole life but fat lot of good it did her because it also transpired that Dr. Atkins was a liar. A liar who died of heart failure.

Anyhoo, I digressed a little.

This young girl also wanted humble boobs...much like the ones that Shakira once sang about. But, like her dreams of flat abs, this wish remained elusive. So this little girl grew to be a not so little woman with nungas that had no respect for her.

This little girl was clearly me and if you didn't get that then erm...this is a really awkward moment which we are going to skip right over...

Ok that was the story of my long life battle with the lbs. Now I am going to show you a picture I found of me two years ago; a picture that scarred me somewhat. A picture that I will print and frame so that every time I pick up a penguin, I can look at it and then just p-p-p-put it back down again. [I also used to stutter but that is a tale for another day].
yeah i know. style-less and rotund. don't cry for me argentina. BUT the gele was funny tbh.

Anyhoo this story has a bit of a happy ending in that, this picture was of me 8lbs ago [insert congrats claps here...awww why thank you]. The ONLY problem is that my boobs failed to reduce accordingly. In fact, they disobeyed all the laws of physics and grew even more. PLEASE take the time to note that in the above picture, said boobs are already bursting through my size X shirt/dress. and yeah..they've just kept going.

I have a look that I am trying to achieve this season. The look is HEAVILY borrowed from Gillian Zinser and frankly does not really require now, I need cardioboobscular exercises that will whittle my belly and boobs in one fell swoop.

All suggestions are welcome. Cheers.

i actually think i fancy her a wee bit.

love, peace & a slimmer but y'know healthy and not dead me!! 

p.s thought i'd remind y'all of my face. minus most of my make-ups but it ain't so bad!!

once a fatty...