Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cardioboobscular exercise

Hi Guys. 

Today I am going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who wanted nothing more than a small waist and flat abs. Alas, this young girl loved to eat...a LOT...of meat to be precise. Years later it would transpire that this was known as the 'atkins diet' and that this girl may as well have been on it for her whole life but fat lot of good it did her because it also transpired that Dr. Atkins was a liar. A liar who died of heart failure.

Anyhoo, I digressed a little.

This young girl also wanted humble boobs...much like the ones that Shakira once sang about. But, like her dreams of flat abs, this wish remained elusive. So this little girl grew to be a not so little woman with nungas that had no respect for her.

This little girl was clearly me and if you didn't get that then erm...this is a really awkward moment which we are going to skip right over...

Ok that was the story of my long life battle with the lbs. Now I am going to show you a picture I found of me two years ago; a picture that scarred me somewhat. A picture that I will print and frame so that every time I pick up a penguin, I can look at it and then just p-p-p-put it back down again. [I also used to stutter but that is a tale for another day].
yeah i know. style-less and rotund. don't cry for me argentina. BUT the gele was funny tbh.

Anyhoo this story has a bit of a happy ending in that, this picture was of me 8lbs ago [insert congrats claps here...awww why thank you]. The ONLY problem is that my boobs failed to reduce accordingly. In fact, they disobeyed all the laws of physics and grew even more. PLEASE take the time to note that in the above picture, said boobs are already bursting through my size X shirt/dress. and yeah..they've just kept going.

I have a look that I am trying to achieve this season. The look is HEAVILY borrowed from Gillian Zinser and frankly does not really require now, I need cardioboobscular exercises that will whittle my belly and boobs in one fell swoop.

All suggestions are welcome. Cheers.

i actually think i fancy her a wee bit.

love, peace & a slimmer but y'know healthy and not dead me!! 

p.s thought i'd remind y'all of my face. minus most of my make-ups but it ain't so bad!!

once a fatty...


Morgan A. said...

LOL trust me you dont want small boobs. It sucks not being able to buy certain shirts/dresses because you cant fill them out lol

dami said...

good job :)

when you fond this perfect exercise, let me know

the twenty said...

well done, trying to shift the pounds as well at the moment but FOOD IS EVERYWHERE...

Ro! said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I've lose a stone from doing atkins/south beach and pilates! :)

Nicola said...

thanks guys!! @morgan- i totally DO want small -er boobs.

also i still have a bit to go weight wise but i'll keep working at it!! xx

also at ro - good on ya love!! if you got any tips then do do do share!!

KC said...

Hahaha! This is funny! I just did a post about boobs nearly a week ago ...not so much that I need more or less, but how to get them to stay...umm...up...while wearing a maxi dress.

I found your blog through Just Grow Already's blog...glad that I did!

cindy said...

WELL DONE!! i used to be a few pounds bigger aswell! however i am starting to gain it back again n nothing is working! God help me!

Charlene "Chacha" Awele Monu said...

Im so mad Im so late to this blog!! I know uve heard it many a time before but heyyyyyy ibo SIsta!!! You are Hifreakinglarious and please dont quit blogging. *like i did* please please please

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