Saturday, 23 July 2011

Let's make up: look of the day...

Decided to try a different make up look, especially since I finally got my MAC blacktrack fluid line eye liner!! For the first time in a while, I stepped outside of my usual earthy colour comfort zone and went so something a wee bit edgier... (Is that a real word??)

I have never professed to be a make up artist but I think I did a splendid job sooo here it is..

YES- I use two different is the only way tbh...


 ok must rush off to work now. muchos love

p.s. please note that there is no picture with a bottle of foundation because i do not use the stuff. In fact I believe it to be the enemy of skin progress. That said, I found a couple of spots trying to get excited on my face sooooo I have reinstated my facial regime full force. I won't be had by a bunch of bacteria. Cheers.


Kheira said...

nice make up ! & lovely pics, you look pretty :) x

Lolli Lewis said...

what i need are your eyebrows!!! loool

Desiree Love (Lily) said...


NICOLA for sale..

I'm still auctioning this spice
She doesn't come cheap people
Accomodation and Vehicle Starting price.

Any takers?

Nicola said...

LOL- oh gosh- guys I keep saying that the eyebrows are a product of eyebrow pencil and years of practice. My real eyebrows are hardly visible. That said, thanks for the comments.

@lily- you can't just keep trying to sell me!!!! crazy lady

maphi bayolo said...

love the look very cute xoxo

Desiree Love (Lily) said...

Oh but I can

Miss Fancy said...

LOVE the eye makeup...That's my next challenge to master once the clothes & shoe game are fancified!

Miss Fancy
Bringing you all that is Fancy

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