Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Next A/W 2011 collection

Ok so it's July and ordinarily I would not be thinking about what to wear for the approaching seasons...HOWEVER, thanks to the not so season appropriate British weather, my cropped top dreams have been robbed from me and I found myself instead looking for autumn/winter items. I have been saying for the longest that I am trying to embrace a pocahontas meets boho meets african queen type style and it seems that the retailer that has embodied my inner desires is none other than....NEXT.

I haven't shopped high street in the longest but the earthy colours, print tote bags and beaded jewellery caught my eye and so I am presenting y'all with the opportunity to let it catch your eye also.

Summat tells me that the British summer is officially sorta done...so since I can't leave the house without having to splash around in flood sized puddles, I'm off to plan my winter wardrobe.

Love, peace and increased degrees celsius!!



Subversive LulĂș said...

Great picks darling!!
Is never too early to plan the winter wardrobe :)

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