Monday, 18 July 2011

Pretty fly for a white guy...

As y'all know, my blog isn't ALL about fashion. I write about errr thang on my mind and after watching a couple of episodes of 'Single girls', the current topic!!

I've realised that underneath all my cynicism, I am actually a big ol' romantic at heart. I've never had it but I want the whole wining and dining experience complete with flowers and chocolate...or maybe for me specifically, shoes and chicken??


I have never dated a white guy before. Not because I am a black panther or anything but I generally find black guys more attractive. However, I DO realise that I maaaay have been a wee bit close minded. There are a few white guys that I think are smoking hot...admittedly they are all on the TV screen but the second I find one off screen that looks remotely delish AND treats me like the tropical queen he will undoubtedly think I am, then I am totally willing to give it a go.

Disclaimer: daddy if you're reading this, please don't cry...I know you wanted me to marry a nice Nigerian man but methinks it is time to diversify a bit.

So in the spirit of trying new things, here are my top 5 white guy crushes [in NO order of priority]...

Ryan Reynolds

Taylor Kinney

Ian Somerhalder - the best obviously

Alexander Skarsgard

Chris Hemsworth
if you don't know what shows/movies these guys are from, then you're a loser..or you don't have a T.V. 

for your sakes, I sincerely hope it is the latter.

love, peace and diversification...


Unknown said...

alexander skarsgard *drools*

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. My mum said not too date anyone unless the person is Nigerian. But i agree with you its time to diversify.

Tola said...

keep your dirty little paws off my Reynolds and Hemsworth..they are MINE!!

Anonymous said...

I think my man's pretty damn fly and he's a white guy... Not only is he fly but he treats me real good. In the end that's what REALLY matters, not the skin colour. Trust me, if you told me I would be saying that 5yrs ago I would have looked at you like you were crazy and had asked me to sell you my shoes!

Ciao 4 Now

I say give it a try, you never know who is for you...

Nicola said...

@ tola...erm mate you're married so honestly, my paws are the only paws free to be roaming.

@anonymous/tama...i TOTALLY agree with you. I am changing my outlook a little bit day by day. :)

Unknown said...

Good for you girl!!!

There are a lot good men out there and a fair few ' waste men' to, of all creeds and colours. With that in mind, widening your demographic so far as colour goes could work out with a positive outcome (",)


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