Thursday, 18 August 2011

Good hair/the appeal...

Guys, I totally buckled and did my hair, pretty much the day after the post below. I cracked and then relaxed my hair in a desperate fit which means that now, I will have to do my hair AGAIN before jetting off to miami.


I am heading to the land where the heat is on and you're laying on the beach to the break of dawn. In order for this trip to be a success, I require mermaid-like hair and abs of steel. I am half way to the first one but I need at least another four inches of hair to complete the dream. If anyone is giving away brazilian/indian/peruvean/heavenly hair then please look no further - I am in need of one bundle of 22 inches to add to my hair and I will be taking your business to miami and singing your praises so really everybody wins...

In relation to the abs....well, tbh I am the closest I have even been to actually seeing them so I think that if I continue with my regime, it can only result in good things. That said, I promise that the nanosecond I have a 6 pack 2 pack, I will strut around in barely concealed nudity.

pardon the boobage, sometimes they just refuse to be caged.

all those who want a blog post about my foundation-less facial regime, comment below and let me know..


considering doing a 'shop blazerwhore' bit for the millions of blazers [and other random items] that I no longer wear. All those in favour, you know what to do.

Love, peace and the donation of free weave

p.s is it me or is my blog slyly heading in the beauty direction?? corr blimey- more outfit posts coming soon...


Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing

Anonymous said...

Your hair look BEAUT!!
Yes can we get a foundation-less facial regime please, thanks :)

josie renee said...

i'm sorry.. what is this "good hair" you speak of?


lommyt said...

i absolutely adore blazers and would be soooooooooooo interested!!!!

Dub said...

I might be reaching a bit, but you favor Angela Simmons in these pictures lol

Nicola said...

LOL- you are the kazllionth person to tell me i look like AS. suuuuuch a compliment. total lies but i loves it anyway. xxx

Stephanie said...


Love the blog gurlie!!!
just added ya!

Visit me at:

see ya there!

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