Monday, 29 August 2011

I'm going to miami

Hi guys- quick explanatory post as to why I will be MIA for the next 2 weeks...

I'm actually off to Miami in approx 4hours time!! If ANYONE talks to me about hurrican Irene I will genuinely poke you in the eye with a rusty fork because I am already a wee bit depressed with this weather report that speaks of "a chance of storm" for the actual entire duration of my stay there. The thing is that will smith told me that the heat would be on till the break of Dawn sooo I'm going with that report instead.

I will miss you all like I've missed out on real meals for the past 2months so that I could have a semi bikini body. I will take lots of pics- even if it is of the storm clouds and my Wellington boots and bikinis (because I WILL wear them by force)

They'll be no pics in this post though - cos I'm doing it from my iPhone - just trying to keep y'all in the know. Ok must sleep as my taxi will actually be here in like 5 seconds and I'll just be tired and cranky.

Love, peace and umbrellas with bikinis


Unknown said...

HURRY BACK SOON. Your miami tweets are keeping me entertained for the time being though <3 xx

heartree paper coleccion said...

hope u have a great trip :P

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