Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hiding my face in shame

*Waves sheepishly* - Hi guys....

Well erm, I'm alive and that is always good news. The bad news is that I have been on the hunt for full time gainful employment and as such have had no time for blogging. Also, I have no cameraman because I live far away from friends, acquaintances and regular public transport.

I DO however, have a beaut top with amazing detail on the sleeves that I thought I would finally share with y'all

 okok FINE- you can see my face...

this post is only to keep you going. If you miss my face and my witty banter then pray I get a job pronto because I have officially vowed to ixnay on the ogginblay until I am employed..ay.

OR better yet just hire me. one of the two.

Love, Peace and gainful employment

p.s. any job spec that says they want to get to know 'the real you' is a filthy lie. The real me is hardworking but funny, crazy and doesn't really like human company at times and yet somehow I don't think that is what anyone wants to hear...