Sunday, 18 December 2011

Call me old fashioned but....

Hi guys.

I just thought I would share my latest revelation; namely, that I am old fashioned.

I am old fashioned in the way I think sexual relations should occur, I am old fashioned in the way I think men should try to behave and I really like fashion from the olden days.

Now in relation to point 1, do NOT get me wrong. I am 24 and my hormones also sometimes make me want to shiver somebody's timbers...HOWEVER, where I once thought that I was a bit of a saucy minx, I have now realised that in the grand scheme of life, I am not. I am not a judge, I don't own a gavel, everyone is entitled to their own sexual choices, it just took me a really long time to realise that everyone is just casually sexing because once again, I am old fashioned.

Re. point 2, I am merely referring to men being gentlemen like in the days of old. I will cook and clean as long as you don't bark at me and generally behave. This new breed of 'modern men' however, really make my head itch. I am patiently awaiting for the one man who will surprise me otherwise, I will select 'donor no.54' and DIY my daughter.

Re. point 3, I love old fashioned fashion. The end.

  I dunno.

Call me old fashioned but I'd defo wear all of the above...

Love, Peace and the 1950s...


Curious_Aly_Cat said...

Oh goodness! ide wear all of the above as well!! men do need to be gentlemen... :)

**OnYxStA** said...

LOVE this post! x And yeah boo...that perfect gentleman is out there, pardon how cliche and naive I sound LOL


Totally.Random.Crap. said...

Wow.....I just stumbled on your blog and I must confess,I'm in love. I thought my love for blazers was like no one else's....but you are the chair lady! Being old fashioned rocks!

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