Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's my party, I can pray if I want to!!

Hi guys

If you haven't heard me tooting my own horn all over twitter, I would like to once again declare that 24 years ago in Nigeria Teaching Hospital, this little blazerwhore was born!!

This year has been a particularly difficult one and there have been times when I honestly didn't want to speak let alone blog [and it takes a whole lotta stuff to silence me] BUUUT through it all, through my highs, lows and inbetweens, I have had a sometimes wavering but never ending reassurance in my faith in the fact that God loves me unconditionally.

Romans 8: 38-39 talks about how absolutely naught can separate us from the love of God.

I 100% believe this and as my one altruistic act of the day, I am choosing to share. I don't like to force my faith on people but I think that love is a universal concept and I just want to spread some on this uber spesh day!!

I also have the singular most amazing [albeit dysfunctional] brothers and friends in the planet. At the peak of that list is the one and only Aize of throughmyaiz who is actually the sister I never had/always wanted.

OKOK - gross displays of emotion over, now unto my wishlist.

1) Abs of STEEL. this time next year I want to be able to crush nuts betwixt my ripped abs.

2) BEN&JERRY'S FAIRLY NUTS. now this doesn't sound like a wise idea if I intend to achieve wish number one but I consider myself a risk taker and this is one risk I will defo be taking into a shame free corner, today!!

3) Thigh high black leather boots. This is the second year I have requested this item but I'm sure someone will heed my pleas one day

4) A better paid job, doing what I love, which is writing and shopping and making people look puurrrrty  [translates to pretty]

5) To meet Ian Somerhalder/Tyler Perry (only if he is dressed as Madea though) /Pink/any other of my celeb stalkees

6) For ALL of my hair to grow in equal lengthy lengths!!

7) These shoes that I saw in Topshop [please forgive the tights but it has been chilly of late and I wasn't removing my protection just to try on some shoes.]

8) General happiness, success and love for myself and all my loved ones.

Like I tweeted earlier, the best gift thus far has been hearing that you all seem to find me as hi-larry [translates to funny] as I find myself. I hereby promise to always bring a smile to your face with my ever random but always honest musings...

Also I would like you all to say a HUGE happy birthday to fellow blogger Trey of the blog 'treyning day' because a) he is my birthday twin b) he is hot and c) his blog has the moves like Jagger.

Once more. Thank you for the birthday greetings thus far.

Love, peace and more love just because I feel good..


Unknown said...

Happy birthday!!! Love your blog and those shoes too :)

Keep posting!!!

Jen of said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...


Pretty Lashes said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

the twenty said...

Happy Bday!!!

loving the list, made me laugh...


Unknown said...



Nicola said...

Thank you all muchos

Unknown said...

Belated happy birthday!! Great wishlist, those Topshop shoes are pretty blinking gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

omg happy belated birthday. hope you had an amazing day - lola x

Unknown said...

woowweeee, those studded heels are gorgeous!!! Love the red as well, proper christmassy shoes right hehe?

How ya been anyway (: xxx

Nicola said...

YOOO. I've been good!! bloody well missed the RWD charity ball game thing- did you go? was it good?

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