Saturday, 31 December 2011

Never say no to Panda

Hi Guys!!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Guten tag and everything else.

Soooo guess where I am right now??

Sutton BLOOMING Coldfield. Yup. I went to go visit my second family up in good ol' Birmingham [my first time] and I got THE cutest present ever from Aize's little brother.

IF you do not know who Aize is, then for shame to you all. She is the other half of me [the loserish half but we can't all be as awesome as me now can we?] and the owner of throughmyaiz [geddit?]


I went up to brummy to go stay with her fam and her little brother got me a freaking PANDA HAT.

Now, I may have wrinkled my nose at animal hats in the past but this one is totally up my ally for many reasons:

1) It is monochrome and lord knows I'm all about that.
2) It is a panda. I love pandas. Not because of the animal itself, as I am really not an animal lover [sorry RSPCA but you have all the horrid dogs that chased me as a child to blame] but because of the never say no to panda adverts [awesome-est thing ever]
3) It is a blooming cool hat.

Check it out...

I can pull ugly faces because I am cool. OBVIOUSLY

kisses for my new fave hat

NEVER say no to panda... GRRRRRR!!
JUST in case you are a total loser face and you haven't seen the panda advert, here it is for your viewing pleasure. I DARE you not to laugh.

Love, kisses and Pandas


Josie said...

I'd never seen that panda advert, but it did make me laugh! And yes, that hat is awesome xx

Unknown said...

That is a pretty amazing hat. Pandas are my favourite :)


Lidiya said...

The panda hat is just too cute, love it <3

Ria said...

omg I love you for sharing that panda video. So funny.

Jacqueline Ashley said...

Cute hat!!

Jennie from the Blog said...

haha i LOVE that hat!

Anonymous said...

Panda is my fav animal ever since my childhood!

Unknown said...

Lol you seem to be so funny ! Cutie panda ahah luv' your lipstick color !

Biz from Switzerland

Marilia and Cristina Maz said...

Hahaha what a cute post!! I loved the PANDA hat!

Bisous from the cold Leicester

Goldilocks said...

I love this hat , i want one but cant find one anywhere, it looks very cool on you xx

Anonymous said...

Your pretty, cute hat, love your hair.

LINDA said...

Beautiful hat!


Linda from

Nicola said...

hey guys!!! thank you all so much for the lovely comments. it is a beaut hat- glad you liked the video xxx

Trudie Boe said...

love the makeup, hair + da panda hat...nice!

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