Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BOTD: The secret garden...

Hi Guys!!

Sooo I'm doing a quick BOTD post because obviously, I am dedicated etc.

But really, it's because I wanted to show you the second of my latest blazer additions!!

It's a floral affair..very in your face...very me..

I wanted to wear it with a pair of red skinny jeans and a cream blouse BUT erm...I don't actually own said jeans and after [online] shopping for hours on end only to be informed that size 10 red skinny jeans are sold out all over the world [or really just in every high street store], I got angry and stopped looking. IF anyone finds a relatively cheap pair in size 10 then send me a link sil vous plait!!

I don't think these high waisted khaki trousers are that bad but you know when it's just not what you wanted?? yeah that...

Anyhoo, I would chat for longer but lunch time is well...lunch time and a girl has to eat...


close up on the sleeves

close up on the shoulders..

Monday, 30 January 2012

New Kid on the block...

Morning Guys!!

Remember on Saturday when I was tweeting about feeling like I was going to find some new additions to my collection?? Well it transpires that I am a truth saying soothsayer because there are some new kids on the block.

The first is this cream bad boy. Totally oversized but I wouldn't have it any other way. It came with cream buttons but I thought gold would be more appropriate and soooo I tampered with the original buttons and jazzed up that bad boy..

Anyhoo, today, I wore it with a denim shirt and the blooming bow tie which I keep abusing. REALLY need to find the rest of my bow ties but ho hum- it worked.
Not quite certain why my shoulders are hunched up in such an uncomfortable manner but erm yeah...

I pulled back my hair as per usual so you could get a close up

Then erm...I embraced my inner kid and pulled a funny face. I am actually a big child if presented with the opportunity...
BUT it's a secret so shhhhhhh 

Anyhoo, I am being a bad employee again soooo...deuces [but I really have two sets of deuces up, so I guess what I am really trying to say is byeeeeeee]

Make the most of your day and SMILE. It ain't a crime yo'
Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sheer delight...

Morning Guys!!

I inspired myself yesterday with the whole jumpsuit thing so I decided to show you all my second fave jumpsuit. This is actually the first time I have worn it because I've been put off by the silver buttons [I don't really wear silver you see] BUT I figured this morning that I would not be held back and erm I painted the buttons gold with my nail polish [don't judge me] - usually, I would just change the buttons but I wanted to wear the jumpsuit today and I was in a rush, sooooo yeah.

The jumpsuit is beautiful though - entirely black but it comes with a sheer, cropped jacket attached to it [ can you tell that I love sheer things??]. 

Because it was entirely black, and I have been told that I need to embrace colours, I teamed it with my print belt and purples heels for a splish splash of brightness and to prevent myself from looking like a funeral director [albeit a FLY one].

Anyhoo, considering that my boss is genuinely peering at me now - I should dash...

slap dash paint job..

I've opened the jacket so you can see the sheer beauty...
my face is getting a bit round man - winter needs to die so I can really get to working out again. :(

close up!!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Complex Simplicity

Morning Guys!!

The post of today is so named due to the jumpsuit that I chose to wear.

It is my absolute FAVE jumpsuit because it is black with a splash of colour and really that is what I am all about. HOWEVER, the blasted thing really doesn't respect me [or anyone for that matter] because not only is the zip at the back but it is slightly stiff so every SINGLE time my bladder decides it needed to expel some fluid, I have to fight my jumpsuit. Then I obv have to strip butt naked. 


I always promise myself I won't wear it ever again but it is just so cute that I can never resist.

I AM wearing a blazer - a green tweed one to be precise but I don't really feel strongly about it. It's like 'meh' - I decided today that I needed an orange blazer - now THAT would have excited me for this outfit.

Anyhoo - le outfit!!

I decided to wear it with my stripper heels [which I really changed into when I got to work because the weather didn't really care for my wardrobe choices].

These are ACTUALLY stripper heels and if not for the fact that anything pretty much goes in my office, I am certain I would be dismissed...or given a pole...I dunno..

I have gotten a FEW funny looks but I am not one to deterred by looks.

This isn't me just flashing my boobs, but rather a close up of the detail on the jumpsuit. The top half is SO pretty. The coloured panels are all velvet-y and the rest is sheer [because I am a saucy minx OBV]

close up on the belt

 Blah, blah blazer
This is my 'what you talkin' about Willis' face - if you do not recognise the quote then you are young and I am OLD. Tragic...

my morning Green Tea [with Cranberry] - YUM!!
TOODLES!! work hours commence-eth...

Monday, 23 January 2012

The one that started it all: mustard not custard.

Happy Monday Guys!!

Ignore the long title, I just really hate custard so I am trying to reinforce the distinction - don't mind me.

I am currently fulfilling the stereotype by sitting in Starbucks blogging but I am actually sneaking in this blog post before rushing down to work - to be fair, I am already late so I figured another 10 minutes wouldn't kill anyone.

Yesterday someone told me I had gotten fat but whatever, all the mammals do it in the winter months so I am actually not mad. Come April, I will work out until I can crack nuts betwixt my abs in time for summer and my NYC getaway.

Today, I am going to show y'all the blazer that started it all [well technically, my first blazer was actually my vintage FCUK one but I gave it away soon after, so this is the first blazer I bought AND kept].

My mustard oversized baby was the one that ruined my innocence and transformed me into the blazerwhore you see today. It is seriously oversized but that is generally how I like it.

I teamed it with my navy and white striped blouse which is an old fave of mine...

IF you didn't see the power shoulders coming then you obv don't know me very well...

This is the latest addition to my bag collection and I love it because not only is it fly as heck but it is big enough to fit in my macBook and other essentials without looking like I am about to check in at heathrow airport.

New 'Diva Red' lipstick by Rimmel. Not sure it looks that different from my 'Red Fever' Rimmel lippie but I like it sooo whatev

you know I have to do at LEAST one normal smile to keep you all coming back
Friday, 20 January 2012

BOTD and the quest for the perfect skinny jeans..


I am in a much better mood - probably due to more sleep etc. Not as much as i would have liked but it's FRIDAY so whatev!!

Today, I realised that I am a size 11. I tried to wear my size 10 super skinny jeans but those things are thus named for a reason. I am not super skinny and I am pretty certain I could feel my cervix being disturbed when I put them on and so I rummaged around for my old skinny jeans [size 12] which then turned out to fit like boy fit jeans. I wore them anyway because I really wasn't trying to have sexual relations with my jeans this morning soo yeah, I look a bit like a dude but a cute one, so it doesn't matter does it??

In keeping with my good mood, here is the BOTD...

you know I love those shoulder pads!!

The jumper inside..

check yourself before you wreck yourself...

quick nail polish job this morning. Gold is cool 

This is the nail polish I used. It's from Topshop!!
Aaaannnnnd here is a normal pic so you don't all think I am a complete weirdo!!