Friday, 20 January 2012

BOTD and the quest for the perfect skinny jeans..


I am in a much better mood - probably due to more sleep etc. Not as much as i would have liked but it's FRIDAY so whatev!!

Today, I realised that I am a size 11. I tried to wear my size 10 super skinny jeans but those things are thus named for a reason. I am not super skinny and I am pretty certain I could feel my cervix being disturbed when I put them on and so I rummaged around for my old skinny jeans [size 12] which then turned out to fit like boy fit jeans. I wore them anyway because I really wasn't trying to have sexual relations with my jeans this morning soo yeah, I look a bit like a dude but a cute one, so it doesn't matter does it??

In keeping with my good mood, here is the BOTD...

you know I love those shoulder pads!!

The jumper inside..

check yourself before you wreck yourself...

quick nail polish job this morning. Gold is cool 

This is the nail polish I used. It's from Topshop!!
Aaaannnnnd here is a normal pic so you don't all think I am a complete weirdo!!


Enyonam said...

love the blazer and the white jersey, u look fab as always!

Unknown said...

that's a gorgeous nail polish color!

Nicola said...

isn't it? i almost forgot i had it!!

@daisy - thanks m'dear

Anna said...

Cool look! You look cute :-)!


Marzipan said...

Great look!

Luna S said...

you look adorable! loving your white sweater x


Sophie Isobel said...

I love your tartan jacket! Your nails look wicked too :) x

Nicola said...

aww thank you guys :) xx

Jennifer said...

blazer :O jel
loving the nails too

Teju Bolaji said...

love EVERYTHING!! The make-up espesh. x

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