Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BOTD: The secret garden...

Hi Guys!!

Sooo I'm doing a quick BOTD post because obviously, I am dedicated etc.

But really, it's because I wanted to show you the second of my latest blazer additions!!

It's a floral affair..very in your face...very me..

I wanted to wear it with a pair of red skinny jeans and a cream blouse BUT erm...I don't actually own said jeans and after [online] shopping for hours on end only to be informed that size 10 red skinny jeans are sold out all over the world [or really just in every high street store], I got angry and stopped looking. IF anyone finds a relatively cheap pair in size 10 then send me a link sil vous plait!!

I don't think these high waisted khaki trousers are that bad but you know when it's just not what you wanted?? yeah that...

Anyhoo, I would chat for longer but lunch time is well...lunch time and a girl has to eat...


close up on the sleeves

close up on the shoulders..


kiki said...

FIRST TO COMMENT. - i really need a life.

Blazer is gorgeous, your waist is perfectly tiny
and your face as usual is BEAUT.
loveageeee and sloppy swirly kisses with tongue!!!

Afrikan Princess said...

You are so beautiful and I love the blazer


Unknown said...

Loving the blazer and it looks really good with the trousers!


Nicola said...

@kiki- I LOVE YOU but tbh my waist is perfectly average, I just happen to have child rearing hips.

@afrikan princess - thank you so much for that. *blushes-internally* :)

Nicola said...

@akilah - thanks boo boo

Promise said...

I hate coming on here, you make me so jealous, too beautiful and your body :p,Girl crush...xxx


Unknown said...

very pretty blazer!

Nicola said...

LMAO- now I KNOW you guys are lying. this mysterious 'body' - when I achieve it, I will accept your compliments gracefully. UNTIL then - behave and thanks. xx

Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

Another stunning blazer! workin' it to the maxx :)


Anna said...

I love this post! =)

Please, check out my blog and tell what you think =)

And I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog! =)
Win a lipgloss or a nail polish =)


Unknown said...

the structure of this jacket to the shape and the shoulders it's all superb


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