Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Complex Simplicity

Morning Guys!!

The post of today is so named due to the jumpsuit that I chose to wear.

It is my absolute FAVE jumpsuit because it is black with a splash of colour and really that is what I am all about. HOWEVER, the blasted thing really doesn't respect me [or anyone for that matter] because not only is the zip at the back but it is slightly stiff so every SINGLE time my bladder decides it needed to expel some fluid, I have to fight my jumpsuit. Then I obv have to strip butt naked. 


I always promise myself I won't wear it ever again but it is just so cute that I can never resist.

I AM wearing a blazer - a green tweed one to be precise but I don't really feel strongly about it. It's like 'meh' - I decided today that I needed an orange blazer - now THAT would have excited me for this outfit.

Anyhoo - le outfit!!

I decided to wear it with my stripper heels [which I really changed into when I got to work because the weather didn't really care for my wardrobe choices].

These are ACTUALLY stripper heels and if not for the fact that anything pretty much goes in my office, I am certain I would be dismissed...or given a pole...I dunno..

I have gotten a FEW funny looks but I am not one to deterred by looks.

This isn't me just flashing my boobs, but rather a close up of the detail on the jumpsuit. The top half is SO pretty. The coloured panels are all velvet-y and the rest is sheer [because I am a saucy minx OBV]

close up on the belt

 Blah, blah blazer
This is my 'what you talkin' about Willis' face - if you do not recognise the quote then you are young and I am OLD. Tragic...

my morning Green Tea [with Cranberry] - YUM!!
TOODLES!! work hours commence-eth...


Anonymous said...

If you ever put this here jumpsuit up for sale...

Unknown said...

love the jumpsuit, gorgeous!

Nicola said...

thanks a milli guys. Even you anonymous :)

Unknown said...

LOVE this jumpsuit...holla at me...anonymous needs to get in line lol. I don't mind the mechanics that has to be dealt with in the bathroom LOL


Unknown said...

love everything.. by everything I mean all the outfits you wear..


Nicola said...

thank you m'dears!!

@onyx - you are TINY in comparison to me - so it will not size you!!

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