Thursday, 19 January 2012

I am old. and a bum bitch.

Ok hi guys.

I am old. I know this because when I was young, I used to be able to chat away until 2am and wake up at 6am skipping and whistling. I tried that rubbish last night and now I am just angry at the world.

In fact, it is also the reason why today, I look like a bum bitch [If you don't know, sometimes, I pretend I am from the Bronx, so if you see words like 'trifling, heifer or siddity' (whatever that means) then apologies]

With this in mind, sorry to announce there is no BOTD - just a bright bum jumper that I wear when I am in a rush, because sleep or no, I am an early bird. An angry bird [tee hee] but an early one.

No kisses with tongue today because I refuse to whore myself out with such ease when I am in a bad mood. Today, no one gets my love.

Also, I am promptly leaving work at 4.59pm today. I dare anyone to try and stop me. Cheers.

side view just so you can see that it is black at the back

close up on the belt and my chipped nail polish

this is what happens after 3 hours sleep.

ok let me try a normal smile

p.s. tomorrow, I will try and bring my A game. Sorry for the moodiness. 


Mai said...

Love your makeup, and you have a pretty smile (:
CMPang x

Tia'z Corner said...

pretty, what lipstick are you wearing?

Unknown said...

Love your jumper and your eyebrows look amazing x

Nicola said...

THANKS GUYS!! @Tia - the lipstick is by Rimmel - the name has rubbed off a bit but from what I can see, it is either no.54 or 34 - it is called Extase?? Let me know if you find it!! xxx

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