Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Love Story


Sorry for the lack of communication but I was actually bed ridden for a whole blooming week with the bubonic plague bronchitis. AND if that wasn't enough, I now have another viral infection which has manifested itself in a big ol' rash that is currently spreading across my chest and neck. Sexy.

But today, alas, is not about me [yeah I know, shocker] but belongs to my beautiful friend Aize whose birthday is TODAY!!!

Ok guys, I am going to tell you a beautiful and yet unorthodox love story that I end up telling everyone at some point and today is your turn.

In 2006, I enrolled at Kings College London for the same course as a certain lass, y'all know as throughmyaiz.

From 2006-2009, we exchanged a handful of conversations and my thoughts towards her were more...
yeeeaah heifer I see you [so sorry, I've been watching American TV again]
yeaaaah heifer, we cool...
BUT in 2009....after...we'd graduated, she facebooked me to say how much she had adored me over the years [yes that is EXACTLY what she said] and invited me to lunch at Starbucks. At first, I was still a bit sceptical...
hmmm, I'm watching you heifer....

But I went anyway and that day changed my life forever because we INSTANTLY bonded and I realised that she was my other half. Now we periodically chastise ourselves for wasting 3 good years, attending the same lectures and yet saying naught to one another. Worry not, for all's well that ends well. Now the silly heifer makes me smile...

because she let's me be myself EVEN when I want to do silly things..

That isn't the only reason I think she is awesome. There is actually a long arse list:

1) I would normally say her humour here but prior to that comes her amazing character.

2) She is HELLA funny.

3) She is a blooming genius. I always thought I was but, I have never met a more intelligent and hard working individual.

4) She has a killer fashion sense and we wear the same size clothes/shoes.

5) She loves carbs and I love meat, so we only ever need to buy one KFC meal which gets split accordingly.

6) She NEVER judges me.

7) She is amazeballs and beautiful and a SUPER loser.

I will stop now before it gets weird but if it wasn't clear - we are in love.



Miss behaviour said...

I LOVE YOU BOO-BOO. NEVER LEAVE ME.... fi dat yeah?!

Promise said...

This is so sweet, you two look

Nicola said...

safe fi dat?? don't make me delete the post please. cheers.

Unknown said...

aww so cute :) omg i love your striped skirt.

Nicola said...

thanks guys. xx

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