Sunday, 15 January 2012

The world is out of control...

Guys, this one time, a friend of mine updated his twitter saying, 'the world is out of control'.

I laughed at him for being so dramatic but after this weekend, I 100% think that he is actually Socrates and more profound than I have given him credit for.

Last night, I went to a birthday partay and solidly danced until I got a cramp in BOTH of my thighs and had to remove my shoes and do some lunges. You obv have not understood the significance of what I have just said but I would like you to picture me BAREFOOT in a club, doing exercises to loosen my knotted muscles and then feel sorry for me.

Then I realised that I have real feelings for one of my fake boyfriends [I actually lead a complex life]

Then, I was actually part of a real life hustle and was conned out of my money because of my big heart.

Then, I was attacked by a crazed racist man.

So all in all, the world IS out of control.

God and my blazers are the only constant in my life. So erm, now that I live in 90120 and I've actually considered crying over my keyboard is my outfit. Cheers.

OBV I haven't cried because I am a 'ard nut and my tear ducts dried up circa 2001 but I am however, THINKING of tears and sad things.
this picture was taken prior my 90120 days. Don't let the pearly whites fool you.


vintage process said...

Great pictures! I love it!!

Afrikan Princess said...

Love your blazers !
Yes this world is crazy. don't let it get to ya hun xx

Charmaine said...

Wow did that happen all in one night?

Hot blazer.

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