Monday, 27 February 2012

BOTD: Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Morning Guys!!

Yesterday, I was speaking [via twitter] with the lovely Cherri Mocha about Hilary Banks a la Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when I realised that I have subconsciously been modelling myself after her for the past couple of years. So this morning, I took it to a whole new extreme and went slap bang for the 'Fresh Princess of Bel Air' look. I may not have daddy's credit card like she did, but I 100% believe that Hilary would be proud of me.

If I could get my hands on that red blazer, then I would feel complete.
The ONLY thing about my look for today is that erm it really isn't entirely appropriate to wear a mini dress with mesh cut-outs to work BUT that is why my blazer is entirely buttoned up.

This is one of my latest blazers. It is the hottest of pinks and I decided to set it off with my green skinny belt so it would 'pop'

of COURSE it had power shoulders - that's the only way Hilary would have it.
Ok, I even went as far as wearing a hat but that is only for pictorial evidence. I didn't think the rest of the commuters or my colleagues would understand it's presence on the trains/in the office....

I am way proud of myself if you couldn't tell

On another note, I have new curly hair which started off REALLY BIG and diva-ish but I could only hack it for about 3 days before cutting it short. Alas, I didn't have enough diva in me to keep carrying it off. I just kept wondering how I could casually walk into Sainsbury's like my name was Neyonce. Besides, the shorter look is more in keeping with my Fresh Princess homage. 

I'm out peeps. Do you guys think I nailed the look?? Be honest!!
Friday, 24 February 2012

BOTD - Electric

Whaddup guys??

It's Friday and I am feeling slightly loopy so forgive anything that you may read on these pages from this point forward. I blame it on the stupid diet that I've started. I made it a personal mission of mine to finally get flat abs before I hit 25 and no one gives a damn about my abs anymore. This mission has resulted in a diet that consists of no flipping caffeine [you can tell I'm real happy with this one] fruit, salad and bits of chicken/pitta bread. I broke yesterday evening and consumed an alarming amount of chicken but that is neither here nor there. The mission also consists of waking up at 5am to work out....

I don't appreciate this because I really like sleep but I guess this is the sacrifice I must make. BUT IF I don't notice a change in exactly 2 weeks then I promise you I will eat all of the meat in the world. Including the personal trainer guy who put me on this horrid diet. Cheers.

ANYHOO,  so yesterday, I tweeted about buying TWO new blazers and here is one of them. It is a beautiful electric blue thing that actually commands attention and I had to wear it today because it made me happy yo'

I can't even really write because I have a whole lotta work to do and I want to finish it up real quick so I can mess around from 2/3pm onwards. 

I love you all muchos and I also love chicken. Yeah, that's it.

the lighting has made the buttons look multi coloured - they aren't

They are gold

I'm back with the red lipstick. So sue me.

This is my FRIDAY pose..sorry..

now back to work..

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gorgeous Through It All

Morning Guys!!

Remember I told you all to look out for a guest post?? Well here it is. IF you read it, the message is very clear - it is one that I'd never really considered in the times that I had thought of Cancer. I pray I never get diagnosed with any form of the ailment but for all those who have or know someone who has, may God give you strength.

Read and be encouraged...

By: Jackie Clark
Think about the last time you walked down a sunny street and peeked into a shop window. What did you see that made your heart beat faster? Was it a gorgeous silk sarong in watery greens and blues? Was it a severe set of black riding boots that you knew would go with everything? Shopping is one of those exercises that can leave us breathless with the beauty possibilities in front of us, and you may find that it is a great way to give you a great boost. However, if you have been dealing with mesothelioma cancer and the doctors that go with it, beauty may be the last thing on your mind.

With doctor’s visits and every spare moment devoted to keeping to a schedule and feeling terrible, you may not have made much time to make yourself look good. While no one would fault you for not making fashion a priority, you may have been missing out on a great way to make yourself feel better. There are plenty of people who find that paying attention to fashion while they are feeling under the weather is something that can help them recover. Instead of thinking about their illness, they are thinking about what they can do to make themselves feel better, and how they can look their best. Even a little bit of makeup and your favorite scarf can go a long way.

In the first place, take a moment to think about your favorite articles of clothing. Whether it is a traditional blazer or one that is more fun and versatile. Think about how they make you feel and what you have experienced while you were wearing them. Did you feel sexy, fashionable and powerful? Consider those positive feelings and reflect on how they could benefit you today. This is something that can change the way that you look at things and you will also discover that it can give you a considerable boost when you want to get through a tough time.

Get started today just by looking and finding something that you want to wear. Whether you go through your closet or you look for great outfits online, find something that is going to give you a beautiful silhouette and a wonderful bounce in your step as you wander through the world. A little bit of confidence can go a long way, and you’ll find that there are plenty of small ways for you to encourage yourself to extrovert. Whether you decide to put on your favorite pumps or you want to spritz on a little perfume, there are plenty of ways to make yourself feel beautiful.

Consider what you can do when you are thinking about getting the look you want. Beauty and cancer do not have to be mutually exclusive, so find out what works for you today.
Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hey guys!

I have been a naughty girl and neglected the blogosphere but it's not my fault honestly. Sometimes my employers actually make me WORK for my money. I know, rude right??

On the more lax days [or when they aren't looking], I can sneak in a quickie. So today, I am going to show y'all my BOTD, which is a fitted cream affair with gold buttons [with a twist]. Tbh, I am not altogether certain about my outfit - I think that sometimes, I need to pipe down and not be so creative all at once but I am only young once etc [can I still say that at this age though??]

p.s. In spite of the post Drake craze, I refuse to actually say 'yolo' in a sentence. In my humble opinion it reminds me of the cries of street vendors in Nigeria as they try their darndest to sell you 'gala' [which is a sausage roll that I was always too scared to try]

I am not being difficult or going against the grain just to be rebellious, I just cannot. Love the song though, so cheers to Drake.

In other news, here is my outfit..

you MAY have noticed this material before...

Coming soon on Blazerwhore: Recently, I was approached by someone who wanted to write a guest post right hurr. At first, I was skeptical but because I believe in the message, I allowed it. 

So look out for a guest post from Jackie Clark from 

I don't believe that one should be restricted from the love of clothes purely as a result of an ailment that is outside of their control. If I help to spread some awareness, then WHY NOT? I love clothes but I secretly love people too. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BOTD - check mate!

Good morning guys!!

This morning, whilst getting dressed, I remembered the very old blazer of mine. It is the first time it has actually graced the public sphere because I kinda hated it - almost gave it away to charity BUUUT thank heavens I didn't because I now loves me my check mate.

I have dubbed it check mate for obvious reasons which I sincerely hope you have gathered. If not, then erm well God speed etc.

It defo makes me look like an extra from the Michael Jackson 'beat it' video [which is why I MAY have done the dance in the mirror this morning] but obv that makes me super cool.

Also, every time my pictures have a strange blur in them, it is because I have blurred out the name of my place of employment. I am a woman of mystery and I shan't reveal where I work just as yet. I am not however, a woman of technology, which is why the blur looks minging [for my american followers - 'minging' is brit speak for 'way gross']

Ta ta for now...

hair pulled up to show you the faux leather collar
 also this morning, I searched high and low for my green 'pop' belt and I couldn't find it, sooo I improvised [as I do] and used a piece of african print material from my mother's top. Sorry mum.

As an aside - my boobs are actually out of control. I simply cannot keep buying new bras every single month and it is putting a strain on all my clothes with buttons on them AND I work in a male dominated environment. Some women think I am being hyperbolic but honestly, it is problematic. Is there no way [barring surgery] to reduce ones nunga size??

NOTE - I didn't wear red lipstick today. I thought I would take a break when the woman in the shop asked me 'why red?' whilst looking at me like I was a lady of the night. AWKward...

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Guys!!


I have never technically had a Valentine's before [insert sad violin music here] but I am still feeling the love sooo I am going to do a blog post anyway..why?

Anyhoo, I wore my black and yellow dress today because it is almost colourful and then it's just black. Wore it with my very OVERSIZED black blazer. So oversized that erm it really is just large.

still has the power shoulders!!
Then my boyfriend Nicholas got me some chocolates..isn't he sweet??

 BUT I'm on a diet so I ate the strawberries instead...but then I ate some chocs anyway...oops

I am currently fine with dating myself but my mum isn't as she thinks I will never get married. I tried to tell her that I am only 24 but she mentioned something about dying ovaries and so I swiftly changed the convo. So erm here's hoping next year I will be more open to luuuuurve.

I love you guys though...
Thursday, 9 February 2012

The ghetto Leather bow tie

Hi Guys!!

So this morning, I woke up and once again, I needed a black bow tie. I couldn't really settle for the leopard print one [yet again] considering the fact that I was wearing a leopard print blouse [and I didn't want to look like an actual leopard] AND I STILL couldnae find my old faithful black one and soooo I simply took matters into my own hands and made my own. Luckily, I had a spare bit of soft leather material hanging around my house and so I let my creative juices flow all over it. 

I realise now that the above sentence sounds a bit minging but hopefully no one has a mind as filthy as mine.

ANYHOO, without further ado, here is how I made my bow tie...

You will need:
a big brain

Step 1: Find any old material in the colour you wish your bow tie to be. Cut TWO strips [One fat and one skinny]

Step 2: Fold over fat strip into a rectangle. Slip your ribbon on there and tie the skinny strip around both the rectangle and the ribbon. Like so....

Step 3: Cut off any excess material and make silly faces with your new bow tie/moustache...

OR alternatively, you could just be a grown up and wear it but erm yeah...

The whole process honestly takes like 2 minutes, so get some old material and get creative!!

wore it with a black blazer with gold buttons. keeping it simple because too many colours spoil the broth or something..

I am a leopard print fiend. Is it too much? tell me the truth!!
disclaimer: I TOTES packed a pair of tan flats because I suspected I would look like a citizen of Narnia...espesh with the fur coat..

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

He's out of my life...

Hi Guys,

I don't know why I feel like I haven't blogged in ages but I am doing so now. To follow on from my previous post about how much I love my male bestie, I would like to say that I love my male bestie.

His flight was yesterday morning and I am definitely 'tweakin' [I really do love americanisms]

Anyhoo, I started looking through our pictures and I found one from the very first day we met and soooo erm yeah, I totes did a little collage type thing. We have OBV gotten hotter as the years went by...
left: when we first met in 2007 and right: suffering through law school in 2010/11
Jan 2012
I find it alarming that he always looks better than I do but I have learnt to accept it over the years

On our last day together, he looked absolutely gorge as per usual and inspired me to embrace colour once more..

Aaaaand mee