Wednesday, 15 February 2012

BOTD - check mate!

Good morning guys!!

This morning, whilst getting dressed, I remembered the very old blazer of mine. It is the first time it has actually graced the public sphere because I kinda hated it - almost gave it away to charity BUUUT thank heavens I didn't because I now loves me my check mate.

I have dubbed it check mate for obvious reasons which I sincerely hope you have gathered. If not, then erm well God speed etc.

It defo makes me look like an extra from the Michael Jackson 'beat it' video [which is why I MAY have done the dance in the mirror this morning] but obv that makes me super cool.

Also, every time my pictures have a strange blur in them, it is because I have blurred out the name of my place of employment. I am a woman of mystery and I shan't reveal where I work just as yet. I am not however, a woman of technology, which is why the blur looks minging [for my american followers - 'minging' is brit speak for 'way gross']

Ta ta for now...

hair pulled up to show you the faux leather collar
 also this morning, I searched high and low for my green 'pop' belt and I couldn't find it, sooo I improvised [as I do] and used a piece of african print material from my mother's top. Sorry mum.

As an aside - my boobs are actually out of control. I simply cannot keep buying new bras every single month and it is putting a strain on all my clothes with buttons on them AND I work in a male dominated environment. Some women think I am being hyperbolic but honestly, it is problematic. Is there no way [barring surgery] to reduce ones nunga size??

NOTE - I didn't wear red lipstick today. I thought I would take a break when the woman in the shop asked me 'why red?' whilst looking at me like I was a lady of the night. AWKward...


Tilly said...

lol,nunga u know....i love the jacket:)

Sia said...

It a very cool blazer. x

Subversive LulĂș said...

Love thelook!
And the mix and match of color!
kisses from subversivelulu

Unknown said...

i loooooooooove this blazer its alomost retro and yet again its very edgy...the whole outfit is to die for

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