Monday, 27 February 2012

BOTD: Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Morning Guys!!

Yesterday, I was speaking [via twitter] with the lovely Cherri Mocha about Hilary Banks a la Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when I realised that I have subconsciously been modelling myself after her for the past couple of years. So this morning, I took it to a whole new extreme and went slap bang for the 'Fresh Princess of Bel Air' look. I may not have daddy's credit card like she did, but I 100% believe that Hilary would be proud of me.

If I could get my hands on that red blazer, then I would feel complete.
The ONLY thing about my look for today is that erm it really isn't entirely appropriate to wear a mini dress with mesh cut-outs to work BUT that is why my blazer is entirely buttoned up.

This is one of my latest blazers. It is the hottest of pinks and I decided to set it off with my green skinny belt so it would 'pop'

of COURSE it had power shoulders - that's the only way Hilary would have it.
Ok, I even went as far as wearing a hat but that is only for pictorial evidence. I didn't think the rest of the commuters or my colleagues would understand it's presence on the trains/in the office....

I am way proud of myself if you couldn't tell

On another note, I have new curly hair which started off REALLY BIG and diva-ish but I could only hack it for about 3 days before cutting it short. Alas, I didn't have enough diva in me to keep carrying it off. I just kept wondering how I could casually walk into Sainsbury's like my name was Neyonce. Besides, the shorter look is more in keeping with my Fresh Princess homage. 

I'm out peeps. Do you guys think I nailed the look?? Be honest!!


Anonymous said...

yup, u sure did, the hat was a nice touch :)

Tilly said...

yeah,you did well actually...thumbs up

Fola said...

love it!

KofoLina said...

Certainly! I'm loving the hair too!

Jen said...

you defo nailed this look!

J x

Tamara Bello - Olagoke said...

I have to say your blog has inspired me to create a new look

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!

Annette said...

Woop Woop, You looking Chic!! I'm sure Hilary would be proud!!
Loving your outfit.. Such a fun post to do as well!!
Hot Happenings!

Gem said...

very Hilary, I LOVE it!

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