Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BOTD - Lace on Lace on Lace

Hi Guys!!

IF you didn't know, I really like blazers, I really like black AND I really like lace. Soooo obv when I discovered a black, lace blazer, I experienced an intense blazerwhorgasm and handed over my cash without hesitation.

I've always had a bit of a lace obsession [that precedes even my blazer addiction] but then there was that one summer where 'lace was in' and people were doing things like wearing lace dresses with lace tights and lace souls. URGH. uber gross.


This is what I wore today - later pictures should show the blazer in more detail...

 Note how I have to wear a vest top under my blouse lest my nungas escape and attack the world..

Here's a wee close up of the blazer sleeve so you can see the lace properly
 Removed the blazer so you can actually see the beautiful blouse, which I LUUUURVE
close up of the gold threaded lace blouse

Yeah, I am really not a serious chick.

Cadnae live without my tropicana juice...WITH BITS...yum!!


Anonymous said...

cuuute blazer yo!
lol! @ blazerwhoreorgasm...

Nicola said...

thank you love. it really was a big blazerwhorgasm though!! lol xxx

Enyonam said...

love it! both the blazer and the lace top u have on!now this is a great outfit!having blazerwhorgasms for days!!!!

Sia said...

Love the lace! XOXO

the twenty said...

I really like the top, the lace is gorgeous!

Morgan A. said...

gorgeous! I really like your ensemble

Unknown said...

looking great, darling!


Jen said...


J x

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