Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hey guys!

I have been a naughty girl and neglected the blogosphere but it's not my fault honestly. Sometimes my employers actually make me WORK for my money. I know, rude right??

On the more lax days [or when they aren't looking], I can sneak in a quickie. So today, I am going to show y'all my BOTD, which is a fitted cream affair with gold buttons [with a twist]. Tbh, I am not altogether certain about my outfit - I think that sometimes, I need to pipe down and not be so creative all at once but I am only young once etc [can I still say that at this age though??]

p.s. In spite of the post Drake craze, I refuse to actually say 'yolo' in a sentence. In my humble opinion it reminds me of the cries of street vendors in Nigeria as they try their darndest to sell you 'gala' [which is a sausage roll that I was always too scared to try]

I am not being difficult or going against the grain just to be rebellious, I just cannot. Love the song though, so cheers to Drake.

In other news, here is my outfit..

you MAY have noticed this material before...

Coming soon on Blazerwhore: Recently, I was approached by someone who wanted to write a guest post right hurr. At first, I was skeptical but because I believe in the message, I allowed it. 

So look out for a guest post from Jackie Clark from Mesothelioma.com 

I don't believe that one should be restricted from the love of clothes purely as a result of an ailment that is outside of their control. If I help to spread some awareness, then WHY NOT? I love clothes but I secretly love people too. 


Unknown said...

your make up always looks so pretty and the little gold detail in the blazer love it


MiniMz said...

Hello dear,
I luv em blazer...
I wish i could steal em all..
Whr do u shop for em blazers?
Help a gel...

Anonymous said...

Loving the blazer :) you have the best finds! x

Dub said...


I bought a new blazer today, and guess where I came to find inspiration for the rest of my fit?

Here, duh. "Cheers"! lol

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