Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gorgeous Through It All

Morning Guys!!

Remember I told you all to look out for a guest post?? Well here it is. IF you read it, the message is very clear - it is one that I'd never really considered in the times that I had thought of Cancer. I pray I never get diagnosed with any form of the ailment but for all those who have or know someone who has, may God give you strength.

Read and be encouraged...

By: Jackie Clark
Think about the last time you walked down a sunny street and peeked into a shop window. What did you see that made your heart beat faster? Was it a gorgeous silk sarong in watery greens and blues? Was it a severe set of black riding boots that you knew would go with everything? Shopping is one of those exercises that can leave us breathless with the beauty possibilities in front of us, and you may find that it is a great way to give you a great boost. However, if you have been dealing with mesothelioma cancer and the doctors that go with it, beauty may be the last thing on your mind.

With doctor’s visits and every spare moment devoted to keeping to a schedule and feeling terrible, you may not have made much time to make yourself look good. While no one would fault you for not making fashion a priority, you may have been missing out on a great way to make yourself feel better. There are plenty of people who find that paying attention to fashion while they are feeling under the weather is something that can help them recover. Instead of thinking about their illness, they are thinking about what they can do to make themselves feel better, and how they can look their best. Even a little bit of makeup and your favorite scarf can go a long way.

In the first place, take a moment to think about your favorite articles of clothing. Whether it is a traditional blazer or one that is more fun and versatile. Think about how they make you feel and what you have experienced while you were wearing them. Did you feel sexy, fashionable and powerful? Consider those positive feelings and reflect on how they could benefit you today. This is something that can change the way that you look at things and you will also discover that it can give you a considerable boost when you want to get through a tough time.

Get started today just by looking and finding something that you want to wear. Whether you go through your closet or you look for great outfits online, find something that is going to give you a beautiful silhouette and a wonderful bounce in your step as you wander through the world. A little bit of confidence can go a long way, and you’ll find that there are plenty of small ways for you to encourage yourself to extrovert. Whether you decide to put on your favorite pumps or you want to spritz on a little perfume, there are plenty of ways to make yourself feel beautiful.

Consider what you can do when you are thinking about getting the look you want. Beauty and cancer do not have to be mutually exclusive, so find out what works for you today.


Stella said...

beautiful post and interesting perspective... let's all be thankful for every single blessing, and encourage others when they are feeling down.

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