Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Guys!!


I have never technically had a Valentine's before [insert sad violin music here] but I am still feeling the love sooo I am going to do a blog post anyway..why?

Anyhoo, I wore my black and yellow dress today because it is almost colourful and then it's just black. Wore it with my very OVERSIZED black blazer. So oversized that erm it really is just large.

still has the power shoulders!!
Then my boyfriend Nicholas got me some chocolates..isn't he sweet??

 BUT I'm on a diet so I ate the strawberries instead...but then I ate some chocs anyway...oops

I am currently fine with dating myself but my mum isn't as she thinks I will never get married. I tried to tell her that I am only 24 but she mentioned something about dying ovaries and so I swiftly changed the convo. So erm here's hoping next year I will be more open to luuuuurve.

I love you guys though...


Dub said...

Fly, per usual! Happy VDay, twin!

Nicola said...

thank you twin xx

maphi bayolo said...

you look lovely xoxo

Sia said...

Girl, join the club of girls whos mothers don't think will get married. LOL

Allmyfavouritethings said...

Happy valentine's day, tust me the day itself is overrated even if you are in a relationship

Unknown said...

I really like the little detail in the shoulders of the yellow dress and the buttons on the blazer


Unknown said...

Love that dress, the detailing is nice.


Shanice ♥

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Desiree Love (Lily) said...

you should marry me!

Adella said...

Beautiful! Love the blog

Check mine out www.adellafsn.blogspot.com I'm a newbie >.<


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