Thursday, 2 February 2012

When in doubt, wear black!!

Hi Guys!!

Today, in exactly 3 hours actually, I am leaving work to go and meet up with one of my besties. He is moving out of the country for some months and so obv I need to go and say my tearful goodbyes etc

Because he is SO BLOODY FLY, I really tried to dress up for him but I woke up in one of those funky moods where you feel ugly and fat and nothing you wear looks nice. So after changing outfits 5 times, I ended up!! The outfit is so boring but it just enlightened me to the fact that I defo follow the 'when in doubt, wear black' school of thought. I know when I see him his outfit will blow mine out of the water but ho hum, I am comftabow [translates to comfortable] and I guess that black is the only relevant colour for such a sorrowful occasion.

I am actually being a semi-drama queen but the fact is that I didn't realise how much I love this dude until he tried to leave me. Something about 'career progression' - honestly, where are his priorities??


Today, I won't go into too much detail on my outfit, but I wore a black velvet top with a damask pattern on the top half over some sheer material [shocker]

I am actually wearing it back to front as the real front is a square neck line and it is so low that my nungas are entirely displayed. In spite of the controversy caused by my 'blazerwhore' name - I don't like to expose my modesty too much - unless of course I am trying to send heads spinning etc..

IF you are ever in a bad mood, grab a macBook and play around on photobooth. I guarantee you insta-smiles!!



Unknown said...

love the details in this black top no doubt I follow the when in doubt wear black rule, I follow it almost to much...

Annabel said...

you look amazing! I love this look :)

flotsam & flummery said...

Stunning top - I love the sheer detailing.

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