Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Rude Awakening

Hi Guys!!

Recently, two people have made comments regarding my weight. First was a guy who told me that I was one of 'those lucky people who don't have to work out to maintain their figure' and the second was on twitter as someone exclaimed that they'd be obese if they ate as I did. 

I thought about these comments and for a hot second, I allowed it to get to my head until, I reacquainted with my digital scales and they told me the truth. I won't divulge actual figures because then the shame would take me but I will say that 6 months ago, I was 10lbs lighter soooo...go figure...

*major sigh* - no one knows my struggles.

I am obviously health personified so my dietary regime is generally as follows: I eat like a pig [because I LOVE FOOD] and then I diet like a crazed person until I have semi abs and then I get comfortable and the cycle continues. Psychiatrists in some circles would say that I am one binge cycle away from 'an eating disorder' but that is such a harsh phrase. I prefer to think of it as a love/hate relationship with food.

Anyhoo, this wasn't a cry for help or a subtle request for compliments, I am quite aware of my body shape but I am just sharing etc...moving swiftly on to my outfit.

So, today is the first day of Spring and after my little stint with the scales, I obviously chose the most figure hugging maxi dress that I owned. The thing about figure hugging clothes is that they tend to hug ALL of your figure; both good and bad. But whatev!

close up: bit of a tie dye affair

honestly, next post, I PROMISE my fingers will be down. Don't know where I picked it up from...?
 The only silver lining with all this weight gain, is that my bottom FINALLY grew [just a little though] and we all know that I have a slight complex about my arse [or lack thereof]
 it is SLIGHTLY weird that I have papped my derriere for your viewing pleasure but I am rather happy with this development. Don't judge me.

The bad news, is that my boobs grew too. Is there no way to target you weight gain to just one choice area??

 Finally, a silly picture just so you all don't take this post too seriously and start wondering about my psychological well being etc...

Kisses with tongue!!

p.s. the other awful thing about skin tight maxis is that they restrict your movement severely. Hence the reason I missed my train trying to run daintily.


Ms zee said...

Dont let other people define you, as long as you are comfortable and hapy in your own skin that is what is important. You will never satisfy everybody, I learned that way too late but I am happy now :) I wish I could go blazer hunting with you, I just moved to the UK and I cant find awesome blazers :( sigh I miss Canada, I knew all the holes in the wall to get fantastic thrift finds. Oh well. I love the tie and dye :)

Desiree Love (Lily) said...

... i wonder if i can squeeze into that dress.

Unknown said...

You look great so ignore anyone who is a bit obsessive over your body image. Sadly, in our society, what with the fashion industry and mainstream media in particular, with its unhealthy manufactured image of what a girl/woman aught to look like have a way with fucking up our own perception and weight issue. So, my policy as I mature and focus more on healthy living and enjoying life and everything that comes with it is to be you and enjoy what nature/God has blessed you with.

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