Tuesday, 13 March 2012

You know you're a bad blogger when...

Someone on twitter has to remind you it's time to post again...

I am SO sorry guys, I have had a few projects on the go and thus neglected the blogosphere. But it's not for lack of caring I promise you that. I have merely busied myself with both of my jobs [I also work for Kiss FM for those of y'all that don't know] so I my weekends have been equally as jam packed as the weekdays.

Anyhoo, now that my tales of woe are done, I can tell you that for all my complaints, I have to be grateful that I don't work in a corporate environment because I don't think that world is entirely ready for my office wear. I have realised that I need a place with lax rules as I am the queen of inappropriate clothing and thus I am oft found with loud colours or items of a sheer nature. Oopsies.

This has only gotten worse ever since I purchased my body and alas, my boobs have no respect for social decorum soooo apologies in advance...

Recently, I have abandoned my blazers and fallen back into the clutches of my leather jacket. I am going to show you two outfits; one from last Friday [and repeated again on Sunday - so sue me] and the other, is on my person as I type]

Ok...Outfit 1: Sheer maxi skirt - ASOS
               Black Body - eBay
                   Leather Jacket - Vintage
               Green skinny belt - Primark
               Necklace  - Forever21
 Initially, when I got dressed that morning, I honestly thought this outfit was fine. It was only upon entering the office and hearing one of the guys exclaim and turn an interesting shade of pink that I realised that perhaps, I should save this bad boy for the weekends....
 I love this necklace but I totes broke it that same day so fiddlesticks

 Yup, that's right, I wore a sheer skirt so I was REALLY appropriate.
 Outfit 2: Red maxi skirt - Vintage
Yellow vest top - primark
Black and Gold belt - Vintage
Leather Jacket - Vintage

I was fooled into wearing this outfit because I thought the sun may pop out again. Obv, the London weather is not a respecter of persons and now, my timbers are thoroughly shivered...and not in the good way. Grand.

 Over the weekend, one of my colleagues and friends from Kiss FM took pity on me as I'd left my rings at home and my fingers felt naked, so she gave me this amazing ring that opens up like a little treasure chest. Totes amazing.

She also happens to be a slamming photographer, so check out her shizzle right hurr

Anyhoo, I must dash. Apparently, when one is at work, you actually have to 'do stuff' - offensive really.



Enyonam said...

Oh my! love the looks! the sheer skirt and red maxi are fab! and that ring is amazing!!!

KoredeOjo said...

Omdays! I love the sheer skirts and that red necklace...you did the wave, so funny! Lols

Allmyfavouritethings said...

Those ta-tas are absolutely fantsamo! very jealous

Omo said...

welcome back you were missed :)

Nicola said...

Aww thankies guys. Boobs are bad for business. cheers. xx

Unknown said...

omalicha! beautiful looks...as usual. black skirt reminds me of an abandoned diy project. must complete it sooon.

Anonymous said...

Lovely looks! x

Desiree Love (Lily) said...


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