Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Baking with Blazerwhore

So in addition to my many talents, I am actually a bit of a baking extra-ordinaire but it is a talent I try to keep hidden because I am African and African families tend to utilise their children's gifts to the point of punishment and then casually offer our services to others without permission.

That is how I found myself casually baking for my mum's office.

Anyhoo, last week, I made a delightful marble cake. Obviously, I couldn't eat it because my metabolism is not respectful. I have two older brothers though, so the cake was nicely dealt with after...this....


Erm, also, I like clothes and this is what I am wearing today. Technically, it is only the top half of my outfit, but I really don't have the time today. Maybe I am just vain. Either way, there are a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure.

please ignore my deuces and accompanying chipped nail polish. It seems I cannot actually pose without fingers in the air. My sincerest apologies.

And because you all seem to love it when I make a right tit of myself, here is the silly picture of the day.

Work hard, Play hard and Pray the hardest. It is a crazy world out there.

Kisses with tongue


Nappyhead said...

u gattts skills gurl and lurve it :P

Virtuousbeauty said...

That looks delicious! Care to share the recipe? :)

Chi-Chi said...

lol! i know what you mean about the parents!!!

nice to read about a fellow baker.....wanna get my bake on this weekend!!


Nicola said...

bake away girls!!

Next time I bake, I will include the recipe. xx

Jen of JustGrowAlready.com said...

"work hard, play hard, and pray the hardest." YESSS!

That cake looks delish!

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