Thursday, 24 May 2012

Farewell My Love

Why Helloooo guys!!

It's been a hot minute, I know.

But you don't need me when the sun is doing marvellous things like visiting England and what not.

Anyhoo, today I decided to do a cheeky post and wear a dress that I'd promised to give away [sorry Sam - totes dry cleaning it first].

I bought this dress over a year ago but never wore it once because my boobs proved to be an obstruction and thus it didn't zip up. Even when I sucked in [turns out one cannot suck in boobs, no matter how hard you try]

That was last year. This year, I struggled to get it passed my thighs. Bummer. But being a weirdo, I just couldn't release it without putting it together in an outfit AT LEAST once. So here it is...

On a very different note, I went into the M.A.C store and found myself buying a whole lot of things. I never thought I'd be saying this but the angle brush is AMAZING and the reason why my eyebrows are still looking sharp in spite of my lost tweezers. I'm no beauty blogger but I am totes going to learn what all these brushes do!

Kisses with tongue!


Jessica Roseanne Latchman said...

LOVE your dress,can't wait to try the MAC counter for myself one day! :) x

maphi bayolo said...

looking good , that dress is mega fab xoxo

Unknown said...

love this outfit

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, it goes great with the white blazer x

Unknown said...

beautiful dress! x

Chris said...

Love the dress !!! XX

Unknown said...

love the outfit, where did you get the dress/blazer from?

I also love your blog, I am following you, hope you check out my blog too :)

Adaora x

Nicola said...

Sorry for the late reply -dress was from a market, can't remember where the blazer was from tbh but it may go on sale soonish tbh

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