Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My famous blazer & more adventures!!

Why hello guys!!

As I always knew the case would be, one of my blazers recently became famous. I find it a little offensive that it became famous before I did, but never one to stand in the way of greatness, I let it go forth and have its moment of fame.

Ok so basically, I recently landed a pretty sweet deal as the personal shopper/image consultant for Magic FM presenter, Angie Greaves. Long story short, she took a bit of a liking to my blazer, so whilst planning her outfit for her appearance on the telly, I bestowed upon her the gift of my blazer and BOOM. This baby here...

...Became this superstar here....
Don't worry, I won't shun you now that my blazer is famous. I'm still, I'm still Nicky from the blog block....

That aside, this past week has been SUPER busy for me. Betwixt my regular job, I've been at the Park Plaza Hotel, attending award ceremonies where I had to abandon my diet completely (you would have too tbh). I also finally got to wear my dress with the thigh high split but because I was far too busy living the high life, I genuinely forgot to fully pap my outfits. I did however pap the food and drinks [you can see where my priorities lie]

I am not going to lie, I drank a LOT of wine but I remained the picture of sobriety [obviously]

I have actually been getting porky but I promise you, next week, I am back on the diet.
photo by the amazing photostalker

The two evenings were truly amazing and it was kinda awesome seeing all the magazines and radio stations under Bauer Media. I LOVE working for Kiss FM and I often forget that the people I speak to regularly are somewhat public figures but I love 'em all because they are awesome folk!!


mide coker said...

congrats on your new job
and your blazer getting famous ^_^


Chic Therapy said...

congrats to the blazer!lol

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