Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Quick Update

Yeah, so I may have told a little porky when I said I would blog yesterday. This post right here, is to remind y'all that I am not dead, and to explain my whereabouts.

Ok, so erm in the past month, I have lost my job [not because I was bad, but because they couldn't afford the awesomeness that is me]. I spent a long while feeling all woe is me...(erm that is after I stuck my middle finger to the world and went on a YOLO shopping spree [got some pretty stuff too])

BUT, following a pep talk or ten, and of course the realisation that my savings were not eternal, I dove back into the job search. In a moment of desperation/sheer determination not to be poor, I almost accepted a job offer into a career path that had naught to do with my future.

Anyhoo, long story short, I interviewed for two cool jobs [both offering WAY more money than the old job] and got both, thus going from no jobs, to all the jobs! BOOM.

I have made my decision though and I fully intend to take over the world etc

So watch this space.

P.s. To anyone searching for a job, DO NOT GIVE UP and DO NOT settle for something you won't love. I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt from the charity shop because I couldn't afford the high street version and I am here to tell you, it ain't werf it lav [loosely translates to 'it isn't worth it love']

So here's to getting paid to do something you enjoy. CHEERS!
This is just in case you'd forgotten what I look like


Tilly said...

Congrats....and thanks for the advice cos I 'm in need of a job.

Chi-Chi said...

i have missed your posts!

as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. in you case, it was lined in gold as you got two great job offers! congrats hun!

thanks for the adivce on job hunting. TBH i'm thinking about the job hunt as well.....i have a job but i feel like it is time to move on, but i keep holding back. i will make an effort to search for jobs for me, rather than jobs out of desperation x

Unknown said...

Love this post, congrats! :) x

Lolli Lewis said...

congrats on a new job...i am actually dreading looking for a new job next year!!

tell us more though....what will you doing?


jewel said...

what an inspiration this post is.. good for you! congratulations on your new job.. :):)))

Unknown said...

aww, you've been dearly missed! congrats on your double whammy!
what'll you be doing tho?

Promise said...

This is giving me encouragement, the job hunt is what was giving me anxiety the last few months of uni. It has not been easy and haven't really been successful, but have to keep going.

I've applied for so many this week and now that I finally have results, hopefully I'll have a similar situation.

Wish you all the best beautiful and looking forward to hearing more about whichever job you choose.


Unknown said...

This is why I love you!
You literally take my brain, mash it all up and extract words....its just genius.
I love this post. So short and non-comittal, but the general gist of it is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you and God bless!
And before I forget? CONGRATS dude! You deserve it!
Lets take over the world together, my fellow whore (lol saw your tweet about that today....looooool people REALLY need to chill)


Nicola said...

Why hellur guys. Thanks for all the congrats etc. The struggle is real but the end result is worth it. Hit me up if I can help in anyway.

Re. what do I actually do?? that post soon cometh!! xx

Mary said...

Congrats! And you are sooo very pretty. :)

Allmyfavouritethings said...

Congrats on the new job love, wishing you the best!
I too am about to join the jobless /student masses again after an 8 year hiatus, scared of being broke is not even the word!

Ima said...

Awww, congrats girl. I wish you the very best.

sQo said...

Ɩ☺Ɩ. Love this post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

So true, jobs are so different to careers, its suck working just to get money, but you gotta start somewhere. Congrats on the job & I love your hiar x

Diary of a Fashion Enthusiast said...

Yaaay you! I'm stuck doing something I hate just cause "there are no jobs out there". Now I'm inspired :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Your gorge! & yay to two jobs, congrats again.

Unknown said...

Great post !!

Congrats on your new job !! Always good to hear someone has a job in these days right !

I' m looking forward to your posts and love your brows btw :)

Just stopped by your blog!
Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



Ashley said...

NOW following you! & I have to agree! Never give up in the job search! Im sure glad I didnt!~

Unknown said...

congratulation i love this post because it's nice positif conseil

Lima said...

Congrats on your new job my lovely!

Your curls ROCK! XX

GrandyXO said...

Congrats x100 hun as if you were dropped from a job to find 2 better onea! I mean how amazing is that & I randomly saw one of ur really old posts on 'fashion or law?' (loved it btw) this was in 2010 so which one did im guessing you chose fashion right? anywhoo stay blessed cus you definately are :D xoxo

Lydia said...

I mean, yeah, you look good, you do an incredible job with your make-up ( and give the best tips) and I like your fashion sense but you had me at 'they couldn't afford the awesomeness that is me' because I came for the hype and just became an instant fan because of your funny, witty, straight up writing!!

StylishForever said...

Such GOOD hair!

Kyomm || Vow. Move. Live. said...

thanks for the encouragement Nicola, not giving up just yet! dont give up the blog, ur writing is fun!

ion dumitrescu said...

nice blog!

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