Thursday, 28 November 2013

Boho Bum

Until I get a camera type thing, this is what y'all are gon' get by way of outfit posts.

The super American phraseology is an ode to all my Yankee mates on this here Thanksgiving day.

Short and sweet. Deuces.
Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Birthday Dress Quest

Ok, so whilst I get back into the swing of taking pictures, I am on a quest for a birthday dress (December 8th, all gifts welcome), nay, I am on a quest for THE dress. Everyone that knows me, knows that the majority of my clothes fulfil one of two criterion; is it black? Is it somehow sheer? THE dress falls into both of these categories and yet for the past 2 years, the gown gods have been conspiring against me and my dress plans keep being thwarted.

It started with the Zara dress:

I fell in love with this sucker, parted with my cash and boobs said no. It was a very trying time for me so let's move on. I thought I could overcome when I met this beauty last year:

I bought her and wore her, only to have the bottom half (which was made out of velvet) completely fall apart whilst I was at the restaurant - obviously my life is just tragic like that so I cried internally then returned it to asos. Now, the time has come again and I keep seeing celebs wearing variations of my dress.

Short of having a tailor make it for me, I am quite frankly at a loss, so I need your help. Should you see any dress akin to the above or below, take a picture and send it to me INSTANTLY. I have less than a month to buy it - wherever it may be. A million eyes are better than one, so be my eyes people. Cheers and thanks.
I love me some Tasha Mack (Wendy Raquel Robinson) but WHY is the heifer wearing my dress?


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Back in this biznayeeee

Hey guys. I know it's been a while and I disappeared etc, but it would appear that I'm back and I'll be shaking things up a little. Those of you that follow me on Instagram or Twitter know that I've been hard at work and often ask me what I do for a living - mostly because I post a multitude of adult toys and appear to work in the sex industry. Well, take your minds out of the gutter you little wenches because that is not the case; I am merely a copywriter and often the subject of my copy is sex toys. I have a talent for it apparently.

Well, that's enough chatter for now. Look out for more blogs from yours truly and subtle changes to my layout. Speaking of which - do you love my new 'Blazerwhore' header? Methinks you do. Just in case y'all done forgot what I look like - here I am - still wearing red lipstick, still involuntarily pouting. Kindly ignore the wine and bottle of Febreze in the background. Cheers.